Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#8639 by Arnold Tue Mar 31, 2009 8:56 am
Typical employment scam, which will involve banking fake cheques and forwarding most of the money on when the cheques appear to clear.
Usual scammer geography. Norwich is not part of London. 8-07 is not a street number that I recognise. Kenedy Leo is only a plausible name to West African scammers.
I don't understand the [email protected] address as doesn't seem to be a registered domain.

Kazakh Resources Co.

8-07 Surrey Street,
Norwich. NR1 3NG
London, England.

My name is Kenedy Leo. I’m working in “Kazakh Resources
Company” In our opinion you are good enough to work for
our firm. As you know this work doesn't take too much
time but can bring you a good profit.

If you have questions, please call. Or you can send
us your telephone number to connect with you in
few hours.

Our company "Kazakh Resources Company" is new on the
market of such goods. We have a big network of patrons
in the USA, North AMERICA, less in CANADA and ENGLAND.
We write to seek your co-operation as our Regional REP'.
That’s why we have created a new Business vacancy which
we are glad to offer you. Our customers in the USA, CANADA
and ENGLAND will negotiate business with you as well as
conveniently Receive/Clear payment of Funds.

In this wise we advice you to furnish us with a Full
particulars/Contact details;

1. Full names.
2. Residential address.
3. Phone number.
4. Fax number.
5. Occupation.
6. Company name.
7. Sex.
8. Age.
9. Nationality.


Send your detailed, current Resume/Curriculum Vitae
with present contact address and direct telephone number,
via email attachment to:

EMAIL: [email protected] [Free account]

Best regards,
Kenedy Leo,
For: Kazakh Resources Co.
[email protected]


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