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#8998 by juliettatum Tue Apr 14, 2009 1:18 pm
Scammer uses the name Richard Miller from Click Model - [email protected] - phone # +447024071513

He sets up a modeling assignment, prepays by check or money order for more than the agreed amount and asks the balance to be sent to the "project supervisor".

Good Day Dear Model,

I have been hired to recruit models for a promo advert piece work for Click Models LTD this season, which involves photo shoots that will be used for banners, bill-boards and little handbills and catalogs.

I will like to inform you that Click Models LTD deals with different brands of art and painting.We are using this means to inform you that the image company Works intend to spread its campaign in art and painting to other European countries such as Germany and Poland, and you have been invited to come work with us on a photo shooting and the shoots would be used for our catalog and billboards that would be placed in various cities of Europe and here in the States.

The company management would provide you with a make-up artist, hair stylist, photographer, attire (clothing), a studio would be rented by the project supervisor in your city and an appointment would be set-up for the shoot prior to the shooting date, so that you can both meet up at the location and have the shoot done, all shoots would hold in your city meaning no need for you to travel. The project supervisor travels from one city to another for photo shoots(take note), and as soon as you are booked he will be coming down for the shoots. I will like to inform you that all shoots would be done in a casual clothing, No nude, no display of private parts of the body, all we need is a descent shoots which involves you taking a shoot posing with a sport bike shooting is scheduled to hold in a week time from today and we do upfront payment just to get models fully prepared for shooting.The company payment officer would be the one to issue out payment to you

We will send payment upfront in other to make sure that our clients don't have to worry about their money and this would also go along way in making you to get fully prepared.As soon as you have your payments,the Supervisor and his crew would be coming over to have the shoots done,appointment would be fixed prior to time and date, so that you can make yourself available. Shooting would hold at exactly a week time from now, the supervisor's crew already consist of the photographer, hair stylist, make-up artist and attires would be selected from D&G, Old navy and Gucci. Foot wears would come from Timberland, Vans and Gucci, sunshades from Gucci and D&G and after shooting all attires automatically becomes yours.
As regards this i will be waiting to hear back from you with the cost you are charging me for this and we would like to get to work almost immediately. I will be more than happy to entertain any questions from you and you can check some of my works on attractions and you will have a great idea of what am talking about..

I hope to hear back from you soon.

Richard Miller.


Here is how to go about the transaction, our Financial Sponsor has given strict instructions to the bank that payees must have a bank account in other to have the payment cashed out, so as soon as you get this payment, write your full name, full address, and signed twice all at the back of the check and then proceed to your bank and have the check credited to your bank account. Afterward, have the funds withdrawn upon maturity date and deduct your part payment as agreed for now take 10% of amount on check.Remain funds will be sent to the project supervisor below for the arrangement of studio and other things.Below is the information where you will have the funds left over wired to:

Name: Lekan Badmus
City.... Ikeja
State.. Lagos
Zip Code: 23401

There is always a western union charge associated to this wire service (money in minutes),have the charges deducted from the supervisors funds and have what is left over wired to the supervisor's information and as soon as that is done, get back to me with the western union transaction details such as senders full name and
address, MTCN #(10 digit pin), EXACT AMOUNT SENT in the following forms ...

Senders Name.....
Senders full Address....
MTCN number(10 Digit #)........
Exact amount sent......
Amount used for western union charges...........

As soon as i get this details i will pass it onto the agent so that he can give you a call as soon as he picks up the funds and arrange with an agreed and appointed time and date with you for coming.A welcome package will be mailed to you along with other details like directions. I hope you understand this,Please get back to me as you get this e-mail letter,letting me know you understand quite well on how to go about this transaction.I will be waiting on to hear back from you asap with the western union details also. Please take note that we don't have much time left.

I am waiting for your prompt response in good time we have limited time for the shooting.

With Kind Regard,
Richard Miller.

#10690 by Kristyh Wed Jun 17, 2009 2:33 pm
(repost last one didn't go through)
Thank you for contacting me Juliet. I had stopped communicating with this place a little while ago.
I would like to post your site information on various sites that I'm a member of where these people target models and actors
#10710 by Ralph Wed Jun 17, 2009 8:40 pm
Hi Kristy,

Glad we were able to help, we do rely on people like yourself spreading the word about us and what we do to raise awareness about scams and to let them know where they can get help so thank you

A big red flag for this scam is the phone number beginning with 4470, that is a UK redirect number, they can be set up by anybody form anywhere in the world and calls to those numbers will redirect to the scammers location regardless of where they are in the world. Legitimate people within the UK have little need for these numbers

The next red light is being asked to pay by cheque and then to use that money to pay somebody else, the person you are paying will be part of the scam and just a way to seem more legitimate.
#11037 by BM4LIFE Sat Jun 27, 2009 6:47 pm
I'm a male from Indianpolis, Indiana and have been communicating with a woman (Jenifer Miller) she wanted me to call her at this number +447024071513.
She sent me pictures and stated she was a model. She has not ask for money but I belive it's a love scam.
Any info on this scam would be appriciated, I'm cutting off communication today.

#11040 by Ralph Sun Jun 28, 2009 4:26 am
Hi BM4life
Welcome to Scamwarners
Yes, it is a scam, well spotted, the first indicator I see is the phone number, all 4470 numbers are what we call a UK redirect number, you can get one from anywhere in the world, call to it automatically transfer to the owners location and make the scammer look more legitimate

I notice the phone number matches with the number a few posts back which I am presuming how you found us.

If you have any imformation not already posted could you please add it here, the more we know the better chance we have of slowing them down

If you have any other questions, please dont hesitate to ask
#11059 by BM4LIFE Sun Jun 28, 2009 7:42 pm
Thanks for the response. Details of this scam is as followed:
A social network called Tagg is where I met her or (him), she wrote to my page saying she was interested in getting to know me. From there she invited me to her page, which she had the profile name cum4jinx. I asked her about the highly pornographic screen name she clamed she did'nt realize.
From there she claimed she was from Wooster Ohio, but currently living in the UK with her grandmother while seeking modeling jobs.
It started out very social but very quickly she wanted to have my children and asked if she could live with me. At that point I asked for her phone number, which she gave willing (+447024071513).

I'm so glad I googled the number because you guys pop-up first after reading the postings, I realized I was being scamed. I e-mailed her and told her she had been exposed, but funny thing today she sends me IM asking how I'm doing as if nothing was wrong.
her email address- [email protected]

I feel so stupid I always considered myself too smart for this, but lesson learned without paying any money thank god..
Keep-up the good work..

Bill M
#11060 by Dan Jones Sun Jun 28, 2009 8:00 pm
Firstly, don't feel stupid. These people are professional scammers and it can be hard to tell if they are lying until you get more info. You did tell that something was fishy, so well done you.

The story is quite a common one, but by no means is it the only version you will find. Some things to look out for are wanting to move from the site to a private email quickly, falling in love quickly, having a name made of two first names (I.E. Tracy Victoria), bad English - or English that goes from quick good to terrible after a few emails, overuse use of "OK", redirect numbers, email headers that point to the wrong country, and asking for money.

Now none of those are constants, some scammers will wait for months before asking for money, or declaring their love. Also, that is only a short list of possible signs. If you read some of the scripts on here, you will get a better idea of what to look out for.

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