Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#10006 by juliettatum Tue May 26, 2009 3:25 pm
Scammer uses the name Jerome Bliah - [email protected]

Am so glad i have made a success in finding you as a driver for my wife, i have tested your patience and how worthy you can be when you have to wait and be tolerant.With all this i guarantee you a better future even with my Family and me even when i come to the state for Seminars too.I hereby send this email to let you know that the resuming date for you will be 30th,May.I will make a schedule for her flight to then and send to you a copy of the flight schedule but there has to be somethings we need to put in place.I have finally gotten a partial contact of an agent who is ready to take care of the car and an apartment for my wife.

I have ordered a payment which was sent by my client and will be delivered to you this morning by UPS (United Parcels) and this payment covers all that will be needed, i did this because i had to save sending funds twice as this might cost more.So i expect you to take charge for the rest of the funding from the payment i have ordered to you.You will have to deduct your weekly pay of $480 plus an additional gas fee of $40,this makes a total of $520 for you and then have the balance sent to the Agent who make provision for the car and her apartment.

The Agent will ensure that the car will be brought to you a day prior to my wife's arrival and the apartment address will be tagged to the car.I will need to be sure that all things are in place so i will be able to make a flight booking for my wife.

You will need to get back to me with the details of the funds sent to the Agent and all transfer charges must be deducted from the balance you will have with you.Funds can be sent Via Money Gram or Western Union Money Transfer but all details regarding the transfer must be sent to me in the email so the Agnet will be able to make a qucik pick up and then arrange all necessary thing.

Dress Code for Driver: Black Pant and a white Shirt and well mannered dressing.Remember to send your picture in the next email.

Work starts on her date of Arrival: 30th ,May

Flight will be booked when arrangement for car and apartment is confirmed and details will be sent to you.

Jerome Bliah

#10010 by Ted Baker Tue May 26, 2009 4:52 pm
Aha! The good old Fakey Cheque game.

Explanation for the benefit of visitors.

He sends you a cheque for a large amount, you deduct your wage + gas fee, and send the rest to a fictitious agent. However as you are required to send the details of the WU or MG transfer to the original lad, you can bet your bottom dollar that he will be the one who picks up the money in his home country. The agent will not exist, nor will the wife.

Once the bank discovers the cheque is a fake, they will be asking you to refund the money, maybe reporting you to the police or FBI. All you have is the lad's fake name and email address, and a huge debt, and maybe a criminal record.

People do not offer jobs via random emails. Legit companies do not do business via WU or MG (well hardly ever).

IF it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

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