Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#10064 by Ted Baker Thu May 28, 2009 5:21 pm
I came across this while warning a potential victim.
This scam involves trolling through sites like GumTree for people looking for part-time jobs.
The above company emails them to say they have the job as per
Dear Potential Victim,

The entire staff and management of Asia Pharm Company Ltd. welcomes you into the work force. The recruitment department have your application fully processed and ready to start work with us in your regional area. Details of your job id number and batch number are registered with your data.. Ensure you make the batch number the subject of any email you are sending to us, to enable us identify you with your job position.

Your response is urgently needed asap to confirm you have received this message to refer you to your first job.. Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.

job id No: D02539294
Reference No:- VCXOL /2031/ 8161/88
Batch No:- MO/A313/897
position number OD85-950-GDP

Asia Pharm Company
Recruiting Department.

The victim replies quoting the above reference and gets email number 2
Dear Applicant,

Thank you for getting back to us. Please bear with me for not getting back to you on time, it is due to the large number of applications i have to reply to. You will be dearly updated on your job task as soon as possible. So please always endeavor to look out for updates mailed out to you and reply back to every email sent to you for proper acknowledgment.
Thank you and have yourself a blessed day ahead.

Warm regards,
Robert Gill.

Followed by number 3

Dear Potential Victim,

You will be receiving the payments today in form of Travelers Checks, which Contains $2000. when you receive the payment, kindly sign at the appropriate place and you will also get to countersign the checks in the presence of the cashier at the bank. inform the paying cashier you want to have the payments Deposited for Cash.
When you receive the cash deduct your 100 pounds as agreed and send the balance to the regional manager via western union money transfer....
Below is the information you will send the Funds to Vi Western Union Money Transfer.

Address:34 Taxim sube

Below is the information expected from you after sending the money via western union.

Name and address of sender......
exact amount sent......
MTCN.......(10 digits number).

Hope reading from you soonest.

The potential victim that I am in contact with has been warned and pointed to this site.

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