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Hello *removed*,

A Check for $2,850.00 was mailed to you Thursday via UPS by one of our sponsor companies. The Check should deliver to your address Saturday or Monday. This money is for the completion of your first mystery shopping research assignment.

Check Instructions:

Please be on the look out for this UPS Mail. Deposit the Check into your bank account when you receive it Saturday / Monday. Sponsor's bank confirmed that the Check will be cleared and the Money paid into your bank account within 24 hours. Funds will be available in your account Monday or Tuesday morning.

When the funds are available, you will pick up the Money from your bank, deduct your commission of $250 and the rest of the funds [$2,600.00] will be for the completion of your Mystery Shopping Assignment as below.


Your first assignment will be to evaluate any Western Union outlet close to you.

It has been observed that several Western Union Outlets are given to misconducts. The scope of this Western Union Evaluation is for you to make Western Union transfer from any Western Union outlet close to you. Customers have made complaints of unbalanced/excess transfer charges at several outlets. Again, some Customers reported their funds missing or picked up by unauthorized persons. This Western Union Evaluation Transfer you will make shall be picked up by another Mystery Shopper in Maryland.

To make a Wire Transfer via Western Union, a fee will be paid to the Company. For this assignment, a sum of $150 is estimated as Transfer fees using the MONEY IN MINUTES servie option and so the balance of the funds that will be sent to another Secret/Mystery Shopper in Maryland is $2,500. Computation of the funds for this Wire Transfer evaluation are shown below:

Amount you received: 2,850
Your Commission = - 250
Amount available for assignment = 2,650
Western Union Fees = - 150
Balance to be sent to Maryland = 2,500

Step. 1.

- You will enter a Western Union Shop near to you and record the time of entry.
- You will record the Shop's name and address; and the Agent's name [they usually have name-tags on their shirts]
- You will inform the Agent you wish to make a Wire Transfer using "Money in Minutes" service option.
- You will note the Agent's demeanor as he/she gives you a FORM to fill. Was he/she pleasant?

Step. 2.

- On the Form, you will enter your names as Sender
- You will enter the following details for the Receiver:
First name: STEPHEN
Last name: MOORE
Address: 2880 Crain Hwy S, Glen Burnie, MD 21061
- You'll hand over the money to the Agent = $2,650 [$2,500 + $150]. Note, there could be a little left-over from the Fees estimation of $150.
- Agent will process the transaction & will provide you with a receipt & a Ten-Digit # called MTCN [Money Transfer Control Number].
- You will note your exit time and forward all the above information to my email and also call our Finance Director, Mr. Mark Wells on 323-271-4423 confirming the completion of the first assignment. Note: He may call you anytime while you are about your assignment.

Kindly go through this email a second time and confirm all the instructions are well understood. While waiting for the Check delivery, do take a tour and note the Western Union Shops close to you. Please notify me when the Check is received and deposited in the bank.

Let me know if you have questions.

Acknowledge the receipt of this email.


Daniella Patterson
District Cordinator
ABC Mystery Secret Shopper® LLC*

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