Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#84838 by A.B. Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:31 am
Fraudulent domain:
Created 11-jan-2012
Expires 11-jan-2013

Contact details on the website:
Address : Stationsgatan 8, PO Box 114 Halmstad, Halmstad, Sweden 301 04
E-mail : [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Tel. : +46850164357

The "about us" page claims that Bridge Tour, Inc. was founded in 2001 but the website was only registered in Jan 2012

The "about us" speil has basically been stolen from here:

Dear *removed* ,

I want to inform you that we have received and reviewed your profile and you are qualified forthe position of Manager for work with foreign clients, dated February 6, on the terms set forth in job description.

Various benefits offered by our organization to new employees are described in attachments to this letter.

You also can visit our website here:

If you'd like to accept the job offer, please do the following steps:

1. Read attentively the JOB OFFER document (find attached files).

2. Read attentively the ABOUT WORK document (find attached files).

3. If you agree with the terms of job offer, go to step ?4.

4. Send me an e-mail with this text.

I, [ your name ] agree with terms of job offer and I want to get this position.


5. You will receive some application forms and documents in 24 hours.

6. You should write your correct phone number we can call.

If you have any questions about job offer, terms or conditions of work, please do not hesitate to contact me directly,

I will assist you at any step of work. We are very glad to see you in our team and wish you good luck.

Sincerely Yours, Lisa Palmer mailto:[email protected]

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The "JOB OFFER document";

Company name Bridge Tour Job title Manager for work with foreign clients
Position type Virtual office/Part-time Salary $5,000 + Employee plan

Here you can find some benefits and terms and conditions of your employment.

* Salary: Your first salary will be $5,000.00 after 4 successfully processed transfers (depending on employees plan), which will be paid to you in accordance with our standard payroll procedures. In addition, you will be eligible for bonuses.

*Employees plan offers:

1. 6% per each order processed and completed (for Personal employees)

* Duties: The duties of your new position include:

You will be responsible to initiate, build and maintain long term relationships with small to reputable tourism companies and tourism operators across the world and drive sales from them. Previous sales experience is a benefit but optional. Tourism agency experience is highly desirable as the job is also an excellent fit for media directors/planners/buyers looking to move into the sales side. The position offers a very attractive base + commission + bonus structure. What we do? We buy/sell/exchange touristic tickets, tours, airline tickets, booking and etc. Our marketing management department decided to accept sales orders from international customers, that is why you are reading this job offer letter. During all working process you will be official representative of our company with full rights and standards. You will receive orders/payments/billing records/payment invoices/transactions from our clients, customers and investors. You will be part of our team, you career will grow-up very fast, you will have a fun working with us. This job will change your life forever, you’ll be a part of leading international company. Why we need you? According to the local and international law we cannot accept direct payments and orders from foreign company or person. In this case we have to open local Sales Office or hire official Sales Representative to process all the duties in full. You will receive transaction invoice before every order you have to proceed, to ensure.

This job is great for moms, students, unemployed, self-employed and for every man with over 3 hours available a day. Don’t waste your time try your chances right now! You have nothing to lose.

The requirements:

1. Age 18-70 years old.
2. Knowledge of English language
3. Computer skills
4. Responsibility for job
5. You should always be available on the phone, ready to start working!!!

* At-Will Employment: If you decide to accept our offer, you and our company will sign the Employment Agreement document.

*Employee’s plan offers:


Personal plan. According to this plan you will represent the interests of our company on the territory of the USA. According to this plan you will work with our clients and partners, processing orders and making simple online office duties. You will use your own personal checking account for these purposes, according to international business rules and law. You will receive $5,000.00 monthly after 4 successfully processed transfers and + 6% bonus per each order completed.

Director Company: Christopher Carter

The "ABOUT WORK document";
The travel agency was founded in 2001 in Sweden. At present time we are one of ten best travel agencies of Sweden. For last years of hard work we have got a wide experience and we have business in Europe and Asia. Our company has been repeatedly awarded with diplomas and letters for professionalism and organizing talent. The largest tour operators are sure in our reliability and mark our high parameters in work. With the help of our company thousands people travel around the world. Dynamical development of our company allows us to strengthen strongly the positions in the market of tourist services. Annually we open new offices. More than 10 years we have been organizing individual and group tours in different countries of the world. Till 2006 we did not render the services of tourism in such countries as the Brazil, USA, Mexico, Australia and Africa.

In 2006 our travel agency decided to begin representation of the services of tourism in the USA. For five years of work in the USA we have done a great work and have got well communications. We cooperate with a plenty of business partners, and also we have own network of our agents, we work only with the reliable partners, therefore we can guarantee high quality of offered services. We carry out a constant support of tourists during all trips, we have discounts to constant clients. The only problem we have faced with is a lack of the staff on post of Manager for work with foreign clients. For the further prosperity it will be necessary to have even more employees who will represent the interests of our company in the country. Having considered your resume in one of the Job sites we have decided to offer you the post of a Manager for work with foreign clients.

Below we will give answers to the questions that you may have:
1) Why do you use my service, why cannot your client send money directly to the receiver? And what does my job consist in?
* The clients of our company travel all over the world. In the majority of cases people can’t plan their expenses and here is the problem with cash. For example: the citizen of the USA or other country has a vacation in Egypt. Due to some circumstances our client needs money urgently.
*One can get money via ??? (Cash dispenser) using one’s credit or debit card. There’s a great disadvantage because credit and debit cards usually have some limit for transaction in other countries. This sum is about $300USD- $500USD per day. These limits are set by the bank.
*One can ask a friend or a relative to send some money to Egypt.
*One can use the service of our company. We accommodate this service “Transaction of the funds” to our clients, who travel with our agency.
With our help our clients can receive money in a couple of hours.
Our client can use on-line access to his bank account and transfer money from his account into yours. If our company appoints you to the post of Manager for work with foreign clients, your job will consist in receiving our client’s money into your account. After getting money you should send it by Western Union or Money Gram to Egypt. As a result our client receives the money in the shortest possible time. Transaction of the funds from USA to Egypt takes a lot of time and it is practically impossible. Appointment of Manager for work with foreign clients is very relevant in our travel company.
Egypt is just an example.
2) How can your clients send their money to unknown person like me? If by any reason our client won’t receive the money, our travel agency will completely compensate it. In our turn we demand this money from insurance company. This money is insured.
If our client loses money because of your fault, the insurer will call you a criminal and will give a claim to a court. All your bank accounts will be closed and you will appear in the black list of debtors. This money will be returned, be sure. After receiving money you become responsible for it. Before we employ you, our security police will check up all the information that you give us to minimize a risk of our client’s money loss. So, when you will fill in THE APPLICATION and EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT, you must give us the reliable information.
3) Does your company pay taxes? Should I pay taxes from deals with the client? Do you have the license which grants you the right to be engaged in tourism?
Our company pays taxes under the legislation of Sweden, because it is based in Sweden. You shouldn't pay any taxes.
Requirements and notes:
We specified that work isn’t constant. You will receive money transfers from our clients only when it will be needed. We will inform you by email or by cell phone if our client transfers money. In average, you will receive one money transfer from our clients per week. It’s not excluded that you will receive more transfers.
You will get your salary in 30 days after you complete the first transfer, BUT to get your salary you must complete at least 4 transfers from our clients a month. So you will get your salary after four successful transactions. If you haven’t completed 4 transactions per month, you would get your salary after the fourth transfer only. You will get 6% from each money transfer made by the client as a bonus. You will get your salary to your bank account. Transferring money you should not pay your own money for Western Union and Money Gram service.
If you do not want to give us your personal bank account you may open the other account for work in our company.
I ‘m looking forward to hearing from you.
Sincerely Yours, Lisa Palmer

#86411 by natigirl25 Sat Feb 18, 2012 3:58 pm
I just got a email from this person. Im suppose to get 4900.00 by tuesday in my account. Then i got told that 294 is mines and that the rest has to be sent by western union. So when the money hit my account what should i do? She be calling and emailing me saying to let her know when the money hit my account and that another client wants to send money to me and at the end i get 5,000 after the 4ing thatth transaction. She was saying that the client called the bank and the bank told him that its pending and i will get it today if not by tuesday. Will they really try to take me to court and close my account if i dont send that and not spend it?
#86416 by Dotti Sat Feb 18, 2012 4:53 pm
You need to contact the fraud department of your bank ASAP. Keep all of your emails from these scammers, and be prepared to show them to your bank. You can also print out the earlier posts showing the history of scams associated with this phony job. Do NOT transfer any money, and do not allow the threats of these thieves to influence you. They are thieves, sending stolen money to you. They cannot take you to court for not sending the money to them, as the money isn't theirs in the first place--it is stolen.

On the other hand, when the bank finally discovers that the transfer was fraudulent or the money was sent by a scam victim, the bank CAN take the money back, and pursue fraud charges. They can go after you for any money you withdrew, and charge you additional fines and fees for a bad deposit. If you have written checks against that money, they can also bounce those checks and charge fees for each check. The fees and fines can easily cost you hundreds to thousands of dollars--and that is not including the loss of your bank account and the possibility of criminal charges.

In other words, not doing what the scammer tells you won't get you into any more trouble. Doing what the scammer instructs, or just withdrawing and using the money can put you in very hot water.

Need to post photos?
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#86425 by cutelilly Sat Feb 18, 2012 5:57 pm
Hi natigirl25,

follow Dotti's warning.

Scammers are trying to use you as mule. They want to use you as money launderer (in USA this crime is handled by SS - this is not their abbreviation, even if they have these initials).
Moreover, if you ever receive some cheque of dubious origin please notify the bank and the police too. Similarly to fraudulent bank transfers, fake cheques (from compromised accounts) WILL be discovered (sometimes after weeks or months), and you WILL be held financially and legally liable.

Scammers may attempt to harass you. Be cautions and as Dotti said, do not allow (eventually) threats to influence you.

Please stop communicating with them.
#86487 by cutelilly Sun Feb 19, 2012 9:14 am
Hi natigirl25,

as Dotti said, you should contact the anti-fraud department of the bank who issued your card. Bring emails exchanged with scammers.
They know how to handle this kind of situation properly. If you can, try to have some written receipt stating that you contacted, and that your bank account/prepaid card is potentially compromised.

Moreover, to err of the safe side, you should contact the law enforcement too: you should
1. bring all emails exchanged with scammers,
2. bring your bank account/prepaid card details,
3. explain them the whole situation, and be sure to make clear that your bank account/prepaid card is potentially compromised and you are an innocent party who is not willing (and never thought) to take part in this scam
4. have some WRITTEN document from law enforcement stating that you contacted them, and that your account/card is potentially compromised

Finally, if you are in USA you can make a complaint to IC3.

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