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#12981 by magnacarta Sun Aug 16, 2009 8:16 am
Dear Folks,

I am writing for warning you against Saluta Ventures because of the reasons I explained down below neatly!

SALUTA VENTURES is seeking a minimum of 5,000 IT and other professionals for ICT Networks in various countries...
And no serious strict qualifications are required(even a monkey can do the jobs offered with payments quite generous !!) and there is no deadline for the applications i.e. the job positions are always open till the eternity for trapping gullible jobless people all around the world in (all countries) .

These crooks have been adverting banners in each page of their website to link to sign-up page of so called easy-forex website which is a Total Scam.

Saluta Ventures is adverting a scam site in every page of their website.And even this scammer has a direct link to the site as well:

Here is a proof that these people are hiding behind their corporate looking fake website

Please,have a look at also here : ... sions.html

In their web site they give their business registration no as :4350/2008 which is false info ,too. Because officially the Business Number (BN) in Canada is a 9-digit identifier used which businesses can register program accounts with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Their contact post address giving only the street no and general location coordinates but it is missing the building no and suite no.So from this info you cannot exactly locate them at all.

Lastly,I have tried to call them but no use.Having checked their tel no via , gave me a message as INVALID NO!!

And many more complaints on the web here: ... 314659.htm ... 46626.html ... id=2379583

Please, do your own investigation and open your eyes wide awake!..

Best Wishes,

#12982 by Ralph Sun Aug 16, 2009 8:55 am
Thank you for the information Magnacarta

It will serve as a warning to others

Our site killers may be able to get it shut down
#13022 by Clair Mon Aug 17, 2009 10:51 am
Hi Magnacarta, Welcome to Scamwarners! Where you scammed by these people? Or did they attempt to scam you? If so, please post up any emails with headers so the site killers have proof of an actual scam taking place. (Please remove your own personal information).

Your post makes a good case against them, but we still need proof that fraud has been committed or attempted. Otherwise, it appears that your post could be just an attempt to promote the "easy-forex-warning .com" website.
#13170 by magnacarta Fri Aug 21, 2009 7:24 pm
Hi & Hello!

Thanks.It is my pleasure to assist as much as I could in enlightening the scams and the scammers.
And I will be satisfied more than anyone else if your site killers get success in getting their website down.

Thank you,too.I appreciated your warm welcome indeed.
No ,I didnot get ever scammed by these ruthless creatures or they didnot ever attempt to scam myself. I have seen one of their online employment ads in an online job forum and reviewed it because the promises looked so unreal and too good to be true that's whey I decided to uncover the hidden truth behind.
In fact, in the past about four years ago I had been scammed by another 'work at home' job scam (Allegro Global Marketing : not exists anymore) seriously and I lost my fife time savings then! Who knows?The chances are that they might be scamming under a different name with different tactics today?! So I am really an expert now in determining the false and the fake points in a scam/fraud sites like the Saluta Ventures already has in its origin.

Let me explain how I made my own decison;

Firstly,I have tried to talk to a real person thru their contact tel no give in their website but no such number registered in Canada! They simply prefer communicating by means of e-mailing because they know that they are able to hide easily being anonymous behind virtual curtains!

Asked these questions.. still awaiting relevant answers ;
1) missing building no and suite no in the firm's address in their webpage?!
There is no company name registered under Saluta Ventures name in Ontario!I made my search over their company name through out the business names public record at the Companies Branch (located on the second floor at 375 University Avenue in Toronto) and I have learned that no one is already using the business name selected and no such business is located even in close vicinity of the location Toronto M5E 1W7.
2) false business registration no?!
3) still showing links to an absolute scam easy-forex site?!
Click here to see what I mean:
4) in this page they state that :
Governing Law:User Agreement will be construed and enforced in accordance with the country of Panama, as applied to agreements entered into and completely performed in Panama. Why Panama? if a legitimate company has been registered in Canada?!
5) they have over 1,000 IT personals that has started... and no real land line company tel to connect to any one of these to have basic guiding info related to the business.

Therefore ,a legitimate company is as much as open and clear alike pure water and these proofs I collected show that the Saluta Ventures is a total scam !

Before making your own decision, you can always make a search based on the following criteria*:
*Look if the company has a legitimate physical address and business phone number.
*Stay away from a business that uses an e-mail address or an answering machine only for communicating as its corporate contact and can only be reached by leaving a message.
*Find out if the company is registered with a major business directory in the country it is registered with.You can verify this information on the Internet.
*Find out if the company is licensed by that country.
*Ask if the company is a member of any professional association. You can verify its membership by contacting the organization directly.
*Check the company's complaint record with your local consumer affairs department in your country or the country where the company is registered officially.

Hope that I could express neatly above how to be clever against this kind of scammers!

All the best,
#13172 by Ralph Fri Aug 21, 2009 9:06 pm
Thank you for the additional information.

From what I see you would make a fantastic site killer yourself, if this is something your interested in you could visit where (once your a member) you can join in and learn how to get these fraudulent sites closed, they always welcome new people to site killing and will even assign a mentor to you if you would like to join in.

Thanks again for your posts

Oh, dont worry, you have expressed very cleverly, fake sites are far from being my area of expertise and you would already show me up 8)

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