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#13322 by ctab Wed Aug 26, 2009 8:37 am
I am sure this is a scam - anyone verify or receive this?


Thanks for your response...We want to employ a financial assistant/secretary who'll handle billing and handle a full inventory of monthly billings,payments and activities routed through him/her. we sell Textiles of different sorts .we need a company assistant/secretary to help payments, for customers and keep records of transactions going on.The effect is our customers start sourcing for other suppliers so having a secretary always at hand has it's numerous advantages.We have lost too many deals due to this and we are trying to minimize to the least,losing our customers due to this same issue.

We sell products mostly here in US and in Canada .The best form of payment is via certified Cashiers checks and money orders as they are readily available.So you are required to receive and cash payments from customers in form of Cashiers Checks or Money Orders.You are to deduct 10% On every payment you get cashed & forward the balance after deducting 10% via western union or Money Gram to any of the company's regional offices, you will be contacted with the information to send the money to as soon as you get the payment cashed.This 10% will constitute your wages.Most of the buyers we work with are those we've previously handled successful transactions with,new buyers are verified personally by me so you have nothing to worry about.

An average transaction is for $2,800.00 and upwards. All charges during cashing,sending of payments and transaction completion will be deducted from the balance after you have gotten your pay and NOT deducted from your pay so your pay is fixed on the amount cashed per transaction,which is 10% of every payment you cash.If you can handle as many as 3 transactions per week,but you'll be handling one(1) initially to see how efficiently you can carry your tasks out and complete transactions. On 3 transactions you're sure of nothing less than $600 weekly.The hours are flexible and you can decide when you want to work,we don't need you online 24/7 just online on a daily basis and check your emails regularly. Working with us will also not disturb your other jobs as we require that applicant only have easy access to the internet,be reachable easily and respond/carry out instructions sent as soon as possible.
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#13323 by Dotti Wed Aug 26, 2009 9:15 am
100% scam.

It is a standard fake check scam. The "payments" you receive will be fraudulent checks or money orders. You will deposit into your account, and if they are good enough fakes to make it past the first review at the bank, they will release the funds in the required time interval (in the US they have to release funds in 5 days). You are supposed to wire the cash to your "employer". Days to weeks later, the bank will discover they are fakes, they will deduct the money from your account, including all kinds of fees, and you will be seriously overdrawn if you sent the cash to the scammers. You could also face criminal charges for check fraud. In the meantime, your "employer," who is somewhere in Africa and conducted all business using a fake name, has picked up the money from WU and is nowhere to be found.

The simple fact is that these emails are always scams, as there is no need for any position of this kind. In today's world, businesses anywhere in the world can collect money from anywhere else in the world using cheap and readily available services. There is NEVER a need for middle-men, and it really makes no sense for a business to hire a perfect stranger to cash checks for them, as they would be risking that person running off with the cash.

Specific to this email--a search for that company name comes up empty. That alone is a huge red flag--google any legitimate company, even if they don't have a website, and something will show up--there is nothing for DOPPY WORKS MATERIALS at all.

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#13324 by GomerPyle Wed Aug 26, 2009 9:21 am

Absolute classic fake job scam where you'll be sent counterfeit cheques and asked to pay on 90% of the value by Western Union.

There is no logic in the offer. If you pay the company by Western Union, why don't they ask their customers to do that ?

The reason is because there is no money except yours. The cheque bounces and you've paid the scammer your money. You don't earn anything. You lose money and get stuck with the police.


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Whenever payment is requested by Western Union you're dealing with a scammer

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