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Received: from NIGERIA


Dear Sir/Madam,

EUROPEAN UNION HEALTH COMMISSION ON HIV/AIDS needs your candid assistance for humanitarian health committed service to all the HIV /AIDS patients/victims in Europe and Africa. The categories of persons involved in this humanitarian service are the youths and teens of Europe and Africa who have been affected with this disease and are poor to the level of not being able to afford the required treatments.In order to meet the growing challenges and also expand the scope of assistance from friends, well wishers and organizations especially in the USA and Canada, we need you as an individual or organization to assist us in receiving donations from companies, voluntary organizations and Individuals that are willing and signify interest in assisting these patients/victims for intensive care and treatment.NOTE. You as an Individual or Organization will be assisting EUHC in receiving and disbursing donations which will be sent to you from our friends and well-wishers and other voluntary organizations in the United States or Canada as we shall direct them to do so. All necessary instructions on how to disburse any of these donations will be given to you duely. Be aware that this offer is a part-time job which will not disrupt or disturb your present occupation or business as the case may be.
W.H.O and The E U H C has placed you or your organization on a commission (salary) will be based on 10% of every donation received and disbursed by you. We hereby appeal your willingness to work for the betterment of humankind. We request that you humbly send us your full and present contact information. We await your swift response with thanks.

Dr. John Dalli
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