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#14336 by John DeLaney Sat Sep 26, 2009 8:30 pm
This email address is being used by Donald Carrick in a chat Forum in a scam employment offer to women he meets. He claims to be an Engineer working for Bardex Oil and Gas, divorced 4 years with a 12 year old daughter living with her mother.

He said that his cousin is an agent in UK and he gave this email address where I can send my CV, this is what they send me.. I want to know if this true or what, because Donald told me that i will need to pay my working permit cost of 900 GBP, i told him that i dont have money to pay and he said that i must be the one who will pay for that, so that the company will know that im really serious for the job. and he told me that he will send the half of the pay for the 900 GBP. When i open the site of Bardex the name written below is the same as the contact person in the website of Bardex Oil and Gas, can u please help me if this is true or not. and donald # is starting +4470, when i search in internet +4470 is a scam no..

Standard employment scam so far, you do not have to pay anyone for a work permit, a real employment agency handles all of that. The 4470 number prefix is a redirect number, the person could be anywhere in the world, in this case he happens to be in Lagos Nigeria.

He will tell you to send a CV to the address, after which you will receive this

Dear Applicant,

We acknowledged the receipt of your Cv/ resume data base.Same has been forwarded to the Head Department of Bardex (UK) Ltd Corporation for screening and verification.

Note that our employment will be based on the Following Criteria

1. Age

2. CV qualification

3. Years of experience

4. Nationality

Also note that there will be no telephonic or online Interview as the company will be following the Principles of the London Expatriate Policy. In this regards, appointment will be given based on the criteria above as such is the final conclusion of the Authority.

Reason based on the fact that there maybe ill and non-excellent interview as the applicant is not being interview physically.

Therefore, there will be a little interview with the Board of director of the company upon arrival to qualify the magnitude of the qualifications seen on the CV.

The Applicant will also enroll on a two week Job elaboration and specification workshop as regard the Job responsibility or profile given to you due to the difference in Expatriate policies between the expatriate Country and London.

You shall be contacted if successful after screening which will take 4-5-days.

Best Regards,

CONTACT: Mr. Stephen G.F. Jones.
Head Of Recruitment Services.
Baedex Oil And Gas Recruitment Agency,
Human Resource Department

The real Bardex company has as a website, I have informed them of the fake site given by Donald Carrick, and also informed Bardex about this scam and the use of the account.

Edit to add the next form to be sent. The original is full of misakes, mixed fonts, colours and false information. I will not go into detail here, we don't want to help the scammers, please email me at the address in the sig line for details.


This is to put to your notice that you have been short listed on the ongoing Employment offer of Bardex Oil And Gas Company Here in United Kingdom .

Attached herewith are your:

Appointment letter/Terms of agreement which you are to read very well, accept by printing and signing same and send to the traveling agency address below for the acquisition of your traveling documents.

You are advised to sign and send the appointment documents as an attachment to the Executive UK De Tour International Traveling Agency here in London through the email below and contact phone number because:

* We have agreement with the Executive UK De Tour International Traveling Agency to assist all our employees especially so that it will be easier for them. So that there will be no need of transferring of documents illegally by the company or the employee.

*The documents that are needed for any employee to work in London should come from the UK immigration here in london through the help of the Executive UK De Tour International Traveling Agency.

Scan and send the soft copies of appointment letters and the signed agreement Letter to:

Executive UK De Tour International Traveling Agency

Address: Fairways Business Park , Deer Park Avenue ,

Livingstone EH54 8AF , London,United Kingdom

Email: [email protected]

[email protected]

Tele: +44704593669

Contact Person: CONTROLLER (Mr. Campbell M G Colin)



Once again, congratulations as we look forward in seeing you achieve your career with Bardex Oil And Gas Company London. Thanks and have a nice day.

CONTACT: Mr. David M A Lansdell
Head Of Recruitment Service

Bardex oil and gas company

Recruitment Agency,
United Kingdom.
Human Resource Department

John DeLaney

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