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#15044 by jules25marie Sat Oct 17, 2009 2:19 am
Hello everyone I have registered as an au pair in one of the site and i received this two suspicious emai. Can somebody help me figure this out, i'm really worried. I have attached the two emails for you to read and comment.

Email # 1:

Au - new mail from family
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To: Member email address removed - Ralph
Message : Hello Nanny, I am Marvel Parker and i am in need of a nanny because our nanny had to go back to her country cos her mother was very sick and her attention was needed, i got your email address on an aupair site, read your profile and i think you are just the perfect nanny we are looking for to be taking care of our kids for us. We have two kids Elizabeth and Frank, Elizabeth is 3 while Frank is 5 years old, i work at Dansis Insurance Company as the Manager and my Wife works at HSBC bank, we close very later from work and ever since our nanny left our kids have been staying with my mother and she stays about 2 hours drive but we will like our kids to be staying with us and that is why i am contacting you to know if you are interested in taking care of our kids for us while we are off to work, we stay in London on Berkeley street and here is our address 253 Berkeley street, Westminster, London, You will be staying with us so you don't have to worry about where you will be staying when you get here cos we leave in a big house that has lots of rooms and i am sure you will like our place and also your room, you will be having all the privacy you want so you have nothing to worry about, and about payment we will be paying you 400 pounds every week and that does not include you taxes cos we will be taking care of that and you will be free on Saturday's and Sunday's and you can go anywhere you like, I will be more than happy to have you working for us and i will be waiting to read your reply to know if you are ready to work for us. WORK DESCRIPTION: Your services would be needed for at least 6months to 12months. I need someone Honest,Caring,Trustworthy,Loving,Affectionate,Concerned,Understanding and Loves Children. Do you have an International Passport for applying for a Visa to U.K? Do you have a valid working visa to work in (U.K)? A copy of your resume'/CV and a photo YOUR PERSONAL DETAIL: Your full name. Your contact address. Your phone number and fax number. Your age. Your country.. Your previous family name. Your Previous family E-Mail Address. Your identity card please very important. Your pictures.. QUESTIONS FROM ME: How many Years of experience do you have as an AU PAIR/Nanny? Do you have a Valid Driver's License? How was the last family with like? Have you ever traveled overseas? Can u speak English? Can u cook? Can u Drive? can you pay all funds for there processing of your traveling document ? PAYMENT STATUS: 1:paying you 600 pounds every 3 week and 200 pounds per week for pocket money. 2:Having a private room and bathroom. 3:Having free period 4:After when i see that you work very well i shall increase your salary. 5:Free access to the Internet Regards. I hope to read from you soon. Please reply your mail to: [email protected] Marvel Parker Family

Email # 2:

[quote]Hello Member name removed ,
How are u doing today? Thanks so much for your e-mail,am glad to hear back from you again.It my pleasure writing you about my family and i will be very glad if u can accept my offer..We are a family from UK,Am Mrs Keri David am 42 years old,I am an accountant.My contact address is Flat 22, Manor House Marylebone Road London,NW1 6JL.I lost my husband when he got an auto accident on is way coming back from church last month,We are having just 1 son Lucas,9 years old.

I need a very good,honest,caring,understanding and God fearing Au pair Nanny for him.You will not be working too much at home in the house at will be taking the kid to school and bringing him back home, play with him, go to museums, playground, watching movies, prepare/serving their snacks and foods,you can use my car to do that if u don't have u can quickly get that over here if u can drive,U can attend a driving school over here if u cant drive cos i need it.I am also ready to assit you if you wish to go to english school,so to improve your english standard level,You will have your Private Room which will have Bathroom, Toilet, Television, Air-Conditional. You will have access to the Internet and a Telephone at home to get in touch with your friends and loved ones. You will be having Fridays,Saturdays and Sundays as your off days, so to enable you have enough time for yourself.

My offer for you will be 350 POUNDS for your weekly pocket money,and plus 950 POUNDS for monthly.Which i think is okay for you.There is another Au pair around the town that you can pass time with so that you will not be able to feel lonely,Sometimes when Lucas go to school.Please i want an Au pair that is friendly and honest that have God fearing for my son cos i really love him and i can't afford to let him get hurt.I will like you to email me too all about you and i also like to have your cell phone number plus area in your reply.I can assure you that when you come you will be treated like one family and you will be very happy to work with my family.It took me so long to get this pictures scan for you cos i am having problem with my scanner so i have to go to a cyber cafe to do that.Hope u like the pictures.If you think you have interest in my family and got this attractive,That our family is a kind of family you are looking for don't Hesitate to
reply me asap so i can tell u the next step to take.Hope to hear from you soon.
Best regards
Keri David Family[quote]

Looking forward for your replies. Please help...

#15046 by Ralph Sat Oct 17, 2009 2:34 am
Hi Julie

I commented in the other thread already, both are scams, please ignore any further emails from them.

Well done on spotting them as scams.

When posting emails, please be sure to remove any of your own information

Please ask if you have any more questions
#15433 by jules25marie Mon Oct 26, 2009 4:58 am
Another scam mail...

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Subject : I NEED AN AUPAIR..........
Message : Good day, I am Mr.Ray Ben an engineer from the United State Of America (USA), i need a very honest person, who will take good care of my kids and take them to school and bring them back home stay with them till my i come back from work.I will appreciate that you notify me if your services will be readily available so that i can furnish you with more job details and expectations from you. Kindly reply to ([email protected]) and also provide me with your direct mobile number so that i can call you. Warm regards, Mr.Ray Ben

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