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#15179 by dogman20 Tue Oct 20, 2009 6:58 am
From: Capt. Matthew Brown [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, October 19, 2009 3:43 PM
Subject: RE:

Thank you once more for your mail and your interest in working with us .The home port is at the Boatyard Croquet Street,Amble,NE65 0DJ Northumberland London in United Kingdom and the destination is always from Northumberland London to Ireland,Belgium and will be receiving 4,500 pounds monthly And lastly accommodation will be provided to you both on board and when you are not on board.If you are not in United Kingdom you will require a valid working UK visa,including a working permit to enable you work with us and if you are in the Uk, contact them and ask for working permit for yacht and company invitation which you need to sign.You can contact the traveling agency to help you with the processing of the UK visa and working permit which will also include invitation from our company and you will need to sign all documents before joining our company.Here is the email address to the traveling agency ([email protected]). Contact them and let them know that you've been offer a job with Amble Boat Company, located at the Boatyard Croquet Street,Amble,NE65 0DJ Northumberland London in United Kingdom to come and work and the duration of years you want for your visa, because it's a three years duration.and let me get a feed back from you.

Here are some of the positions that are commonly needed.

* Deck Department * Casino Staff
* Cruise Directors * Cruise Staff
* Disc Jockeys * Entertainers
* Expedition Leaders * Gentleman Host
* Hosts and Hostesses * Lecturers
* Naturalists * Production Managers * Hostess
* Shore Excursion Managers * Shore Excursion Staff
* Water Sports Instructors * Lifeguards
* Youth Counselors * Beauticians
* Cosmetologist * Massage Therapists * Maritime safety
* Fitness Directors * Fitness Instructors
* Medical Staff * Personal Trainers
* Air/Sea Reservation Agents * Bar Stewards
* Bartenders * Bedroom Stewards
* Gift Shop Positions * Hospitality or Hotel Managers
* Photographers * Deckhands
* Junior Assistant Pursers * Pursers
* IT Staff * Dance Instructors * Chief Officer
* Administration Assistants * Booking Agents
* Customer Service Representatives* Sales and Marketing Positions

Best Regards.
Capt . Matthew Brown

#15180 by Peta Tue Oct 20, 2009 7:13 am
Hi dogman,

Thank you for posting this information. If you were wondering if it is a scam. Yes it definitely is. If any person were to follow the orders of "Capt. Brown" they would be directed to contact the fake travel agency [email protected] and from there they would face demands to pay equally fake visa/travel/immigration fees, usually by western union or moneygram.

Any person wishing to work outside their own country would be advised to contact the applicable embassy officals in their own country first.
#15181 by dogman20 Tue Oct 20, 2009 7:20 am
Thank you very much and may you continue to advise us.Your assistance is highly appreciated.


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#15189 by Arnold Tue Oct 20, 2009 9:19 am
Amble is a small fishing port in Northumberland, some 300 miles north of London. Scammers often include "London" in UK addresses for no known reason.
I have to confess to never having heard of it until today, so I've no idea why a scammer is using it in a scam.

#15191 by GomerPyle Tue Oct 20, 2009 9:21 am
It's common for 419 scammers to add London at the end of any UK address because they believe it makes it look more genuine. :roll:

Northumberland is nowhere near London, and no one in Northumberland would include London in their address.

There is a yacht building company at the address they have mentioned in Northumberland, but the scammer appears not to understand the difference between a yacht and a ship. :shock:

From the jobs mentioned in the advertisment it would appear to be a subtantial ship being crewed with a minimum of 50-100 people working on board, though I note that no mention is made of seamen to run and operate the vessel. Then you have to add passengers on top of that.

Cruise ships do sail to Norway, but the North Sea is notoriously rough and only the adventurous would attempt it in a yacht.

This scammer is not very clever.

Non-EU citizens should go here to find out about obtaining a visa to work as an au pair in the UK
Whenever payment is requested by Western Union you're dealing with a scammer

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