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#17547 by Breakwind Wed Nov 25, 2009 3:19 pm
From West Eric Wed Nov 25 08:16:22 2009
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We are offering a temporary job which really do not require any professional skills.
You really don't have to have any professional skills for this.

All we are looking for right now is UK based individual to handle paper work,file documents and handle payroll administration to our clients in UK.

What will be required from you is few hours a day and also to pay very close attention to all instructions given to you.

Your Job will be; Handling all applications with regards to new clients that will like to register a company in UK and what you will be doing is Filing all papers from these individual companies which will be sent over to you under that companies name.

Salary terms; 140 Pounds Per job Get back to us through the email address and please kindly reply me with your alternatively e-mail address not your school address.

Please once you apply for this Job you have to check your mail all time.

Please reply us with your phone number too.
[email protected]

West Eric

#17876 by The Enchantress Mon Nov 30, 2009 6:22 am
From West Eric - [email protected]

Delete and do not reply to this fake/counterfeit cheque scam.


The job/position/employment opening does not exist.

Fake/counterfeit cheques or money orders will be sent to YOUR address by this scammer with instructions for YOU to process them at YOUR local bank and send on a percentage by either Western Union or MoneyGram, untracable wire transfer.

The cheques will initially clear, but will eventually be found to be false. YOU the victim will then be liable for all of the outstanding money and may well be investigated by the police for money laundering.

Remember, you are financially and usually legally responsible for all cheques deposited into your account, even after the bank has made the funds available to you.

Delete and do not reply to this and other scammers peddling the same/similar lies

Guide to employment scams

Note this other scam mail dated15 Jun 2009

From: Anderson Denny - [email protected]

Reply-To: [email protected]

Subject: Job Offer UK Only


Thank you for the e-mail.

First of all, i want you to know that this is a part time job, even though it could be permanent.
It however allows you the opportunity of pursuing other goals, and also you can work from home.
Now let me put you through what exactly our company does.
We are a Cyprus based company we offer our clients (both old and new) overseas and local/foreign company incorporation services. what we require is you to serve between us and our clients in UK .
you will be working from your home, receiving files and documents from our clients in UK that are requesting for our service.

These are what you need to get started.


All files and documents received from our clients by you will be packed and well arranged, then we will instruct you on when to send the documents to our office in CYPRUS Via post.
Maximum for per days job is 2 hours not at a stretch and you will be earning 20 pounds for each job .
Kindly get back to us if you are still interested in the job

Anderson Denny

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Never give personal information.
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