Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
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From Eng.John Hillson Sat Dec 5 03:46:06 2009
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I am Eng John Hillson from United Kingdom. 64 Newman Street,London i just want to use this opportunity to tell you how to make money from the internet but before i commence i will tell you that i will only order the pack to the first 20 people that make enquirers.
I will tech you how to make money from the internet i will send the pack to you if you really need it no credit card required all you need to start making a lot of money is:
1;The web site
2;The pin code to log in
3;Your phone number
4;To work on your computer 3.5 hours[3hrs 30 minutes ] per day
5;Bank Account.If you did not have bank account you will need to open an account Note nobody will ask you your bank account and the money you make will be send to this account.

I assure you that as much as you can start this trading you will earn at least $3575 per week.. i was been paid for my Work and now they said that i should bring 20 people from all over the world you can do it from any part of the now is once in a year be part of this year 20 lucky people.
if you are interested now email me at [email protected] for the package.

Thanks God bless you.

Eng. John Hillson.

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