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#18814 by famousamos Tue Dec 15, 2009 2:30 am
I think by now they have changed names and moved on never got any package just strung along for whatever reason.
I congratulate you for the great choice you have made to work with us, I will fill your name into our database as the company new Payable Clerk

Honesty, loyalty and punctuality is our watchword.


Anthony Lopez
Harmony Auto Wheels
some fun reading----
vintagehiring: i guess you should be busy with some things on here no watching a movie and taking on facebook to my sister not much exciting really
vintagehiring: Oh ok that great. you have not been online in a few days and just wondering what is up with the package, have you heard anything?
vintagehiring: Am not here if you are here
vintagehiring: i just want to let you know that tha package has been sent ,so let me know as soon as you receive it ok
vintagehiring: are you busy? not really
vintagehiring: Ok no problem when was package sent
vintagehiring: it was just sent yesterday regular mail?
vintagehiring: yes okay then i shalll expect in a few days/
vintagehiring: Yes will let you know when i recieve it?
vintagehiring: Ok no problem
vintagehiring: I look forward in working with you hope you get my message but i have not gotten a package yet maybe in the morning? will look for you online you haven't been on line in several days and I am very concerned over not getting the package? please get in touch with me asap. hello
vintagehiring: How are you devon
vintagehiring: i got your email, honestly am really serious it took me so long to get back to you i am just trying to understand what is going on and very frustrated
vintagehiring: i know it kinda frustrated about what is happening , but you have to bear with me
vintagehiring: i was in china all along due to some things I understand that and understand things happen but it has now been two weeks since I was told the package was mailed. So please understand my confusion I have worked in accounts payable and accounts recievable for a long time and you just can't go without paying people?
vintagehiring: yeah you right about that
vintagehiring: All workers and other clients has been put on hold, because of the trip so my question is do I actually have a job? if not so be it but this has really been a disaster thinking i would have an income and have nothing.
vintagehiring: Hello hey
vintagehiring: what happened i am here
vintagehiring: did you received my last message i don't guess so?
vintagehiring: i said all workers and other clients has been put on hold due to my trip
vintagehiring: so i will have to make another arrangment and do you know when this might happen? bottom line do I have a job that actually will provide an income for me anytime in the near future?
vintagehiring: It should come up before you know it, i will give you a solid feedback tomorrow
vintagehiring: Absolutely.
vintagehiring: 100%
[email protected]: I will look forward to that something has to happen pretty quick I am in a definite bind now over this and have to either have an income from your job or get another one. Bottom line.
vintagehiring: i really do understand about you having a stable income
vintagehiring: just have it in mind that everything will be [email protected]: okay
vintagehiring: thank you for the understanding well no at 4:30 in the morning I was asleep sorry to miss your message sorry about your car wreck that is terrible. if you get a job for me that would be great still waiting?

#18818 by Ralph Tue Dec 15, 2009 3:44 am
Hi Vintage,

Welcome to Scamwarners

If you have any other details it will be a huge help in proving the scam to anybody who happens to find your post.

Email address, phone numbers and emails are all going to be a big help and assist us to find furtehr information.

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask

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