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We are delighted to bring to inform the general public about the current employment vacancies in Coltsfoot County Retreat Hotels. These vacancies arise as a result of the temporary onward relocation of our foreign expatriate staffs that will go for further training, while others were sent on compulsory retirement due to there official retirement age. As result of this, the Hotel hereby wishes to fill these vacancies with suitable and qualified employees. Below are the positions available and the Monthly salaries are paid in UK local currency ( Great Britain Pounds).

1.Car Washers: ?1900

2.Cleaners: ?1900

3.Bar Attendants/Waiters/Waitresses: ?2200

4.Technicians/Electricians/Plumbers: ?2100

5.Secretary: ?2500

6.Experienced Securities: ?2150

7.Receptionists: ?3000

8.Reservation Consultants:?2700

9.Chefs: ?2650

10.Gardener: ?2000

11.Accountants: ?3400

COMPULSORY CRITERIA FOR THE VACANT POSITIONS: * Your must be 18 years and above * Must have basic education at least. * Must be reliable and trustworthy. * Must be law-abiding and adhere strictly to the Rules and regulations guiding the operations of the Hotel * Those seeking professional positions MUST be qualified and have at least a year work experience which may be relevant to the position applied for.

ACCOMMODATION ? Each Staff is entitled to a Standard room with toilet and bathroom and modern facilities.
*FEEDING ? Breakfast are generally served to all employees every morning while on duty.

If you wish to apply for a position among the listed vacancies, submit your application/CV to the Recruiting Manager via email [email protected] for standard application and procedures. The management will shoulder half of the expenses of all international applicants that excels in the job interview.

All Applications will be treated with strict confidentiality!

For More Inquiries you can contact me on +447024066440 or email our hotel at [email protected]
Best Regards,

Andrews Randolph.

Recruiting Manager.

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