Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#238835 by shanateeters Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:31 pm
I wish I had the account numbers and things. He wont send them to me unless i have the checks already. boo. I'd really love to get him in trouble lol. I hate that people do this to others. He sent me money via paypal to reimburse for labels and to buy check paper. Rephrase, he had two other women send me money. I've blocked him on gmail, yahoo, etc. We called and realized its a spoofed number or something. You can only text the number, not call. When I wasn't replying, he text me and said "I can't believe you scammed me"and he had this other number text me saying he was Steves assistant,James Fletcher, and he believe that I AM A SCAMMER!!! If i were scamming him, I'd asked for the whole 1100 dollars up front. then cut him off.He says he works at Paychex, Inc. The accounts the money came from on paypal were Linda Krzywda and Tiffany Clapper. I've already reported him on the FBI website. Also guys the names to look out for are:

Steve Roderick
James Fletcher

Phone numbers:
4842220267- Steve
5042731363- James

[email protected] -Steve

Yahoo screenname:
specialistpayroll - Steve

I'd say the females, but im not sure if they are real people that got hacked or what.

#238836 by Bryon Williams Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:45 pm
You need to contact Paypal and inform them of the money you received. Let them know that you are a victim of a scam. You also need to send that money back to the victims.

I would also suggest you inform your local Law Enforcement that you are a scam victim and received money. Print and show them the emails.

When these victims realize they have been scammed or hacked it will be you who the Police will be looking for.

Be proactive to protect yourself.

bryonwilliams @

Please do not tell the scammer he is posted here.

Find email headers: ... eaders.php

How to post photos: ... =28&t=3219
#257630 by rmoreno Tue Jun 23, 2015 12:26 pm
This Payroll scam is still ongoing.

There was a posting on craigslist for a Data Entry/Clerk

"We are now hiring for Data entry must be computer literate.
Must be loyal, honest, responsible and good with computers and accountant software. Salary is $1300 per month.
Please text me if you are interested and set up interview. 6156719173
Thank you"

The posting says it will be part time, and paying 28 dollars an hour. Wow! Right?

After texting with her a bit, she basically changes the Data Entry to Printing Checks.

"This is a work at home Job Offer, and it is %100 legitimate, You have nothing to be worried about Your task will be printing and stuffing of our co-workers/clients payroll checks at your home, and making them out with our company USPS account. Let me know if you are ready to get started."

"... you should let me know when you are ready to get started because we are hiring ASAP!"

"What form of payment will you prefer ? (is it Western Union, Paypal, MoneyGram, PayCheck, or DirectDeposit )"

"Before you get started, You would have to spend only $20 on Check paper, Then send me a pics of the receipt so that you can be reimbursed........ You can get the paper at .... Staples, Officemax or Officedepot store."

"you have to pick up the " VersaCheck(R) Check Paper Refills, Business Size, Form #1000 "

"I am Rachel by name, and you will be working for " Penske Truck Rental ",And you will be our payroll assistant..., And we are looking to hire someone to be ASAP.... This is legitimate, you have nothing to be worried about"

"Email is [email protected]"

I think, I'm going down to my local OfficeMax and seeing if I can get them to put up a simple warning in the aisle where those checks are kept.

Something like "Did you answer a Craigslist ad asking you to purchase Check Paper? It could be a scam. Ask our representative for more information."
#259600 by Cristylle74 Thu Jul 09, 2015 8:22 am
This kind of thing seems to be happening a lot and just about everywhere. I also applied for a work at home job back in April that said "Account Management and Payment Processing" on and found out after talking to this person and doing some research that it was a scam. And then AGAIN with a job on just the other day that was for an Administrative Assistant. Thankfully this time I knew what to look for. BUT the most important thing here that people may not know is once you send that first email to this person they have now stolen your identity and sold it on the Black Market!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They now have access to your computer through malware and can get all of your information through your IP address. So you have been scammed not once but twice!!! After the first time I applied and then did the research, I ended up having to change my IP address. cell phone number. get my hard drive restored. and had to put an Alert on all my bank and credit card accounts and contact all three credit bureaus!!!!! More work to fix the mess in the long run. They are very smart. In a lot of cases its a triangle affect. They get you to print the checks and send to these random people (who are more than likely innocent people too, like secret shoppers) who then go and deposit the check in to their account and wire part of the money back to this person. So now they have managed to get this money with no connection or trail leading to them. And the kicker is, the money they pay you with is a percentage of the money you just laundered!!!!

Here is a website that gives all the details! Removed outside link (BW)
#259765 by thrasher4 Fri Jul 10, 2015 4:39 pm
If anyone gets far enough where the scammer sends you a FedEx account,FedEx shipping labels,UPS account,shipping labels,please report them to a scamwarner's moderator.

Please don't alert the scammer you saw him/her on scamwarners or anywhere online. He/she will just change his name and email address if you do!
#277126 by theladybob Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:18 pm
Hi all, I answered an ad for personal assistant 5 months ago. The position was filled. He texts me from a difference number about helping with payroll and when I replied I transposed a number and got this other person in Florida on a different craigslist post. Thinking why would someone post in OR that was from Florida and hire you without an interview when money is involved. I did not respond at the time. Then this morning I get a text from a number for personal assistant asking for my email address - sleepily I sent him my email. When I received the email it dawned on me I never texted anyone for that position and that is when I found your web site and the very first letter back in 2013 was the same exact email I received. This is his phone number 608-906-0034 and email address [email protected]
#288521 by raeosunshine Wed Mar 16, 2016 1:46 pm
#301254 by HarleQuinn Wed Jul 20, 2016 7:46 pm
I just found this thread, but I believe it is too late :(. They have changed there names, phone numbers, and emails. And now I don't know what to do. Here's what happened:

I made a post for anyone looking for any office help, and got an email from a Mr Rema Thompson in Kyle, TX stating that he was looking for an assistant to work from home for a company called Alliance Payroll Company. I, of course, Googled the company, and nothing came up (good or bad). So, I went ahead and bought the items I was needing to start. After I provided pictures to show proof I had bought the items, I was then contacted by a someone named Collins David (but his email came up with "Tommy" in the from category). I did my first batch of 4 checks, not really thinking anything of it. They paid for the UPS shipping and all that (sent me the labels to print out and glue onto the envelopes). Well, this morning I received my second batch of labels only (this time, there was 23 labels). Well, while I was waiting on the checks to be sent to me, this Collins person started texting me asking if I had a checking account so he could wire me money and then he'd tell me what to do with it all. I told him I didn't (even though I do). Then he asked if I had a PayPal account, I told him I did. That's when he sent me the following text message:

Collins: "good give me right now.. i will transfer some funds there and i will instruct you on what to do"
*at this point I started talking to my husband about what he was asking*
Collins: "why the big silent???"
me: OK??? It's *this is where I listed my PayPal email*
Collins: "but it taking so long for you to reply why??"
me: Because I was talking with my husband
Collins: "Okay"
me: Did you get my paypal email???
Collins: "yes"
me: Ok
Collins: "if i transfer paypal to you can you get the money out same day??
me: Maybe...what am I doing with the money???

And that's where the conversation ended...And that's when I found this post. I feel like a HUGE idiot right now...just goes to show you, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is :(...I have included the names, numbers, and emails that are attached to this scam now:

Rema Thompson (supposedly out of Kyle, TX)- (512)543-3474- [email protected]
Collins David- (828)595-4793- [email protected]
(tThis one never contacted me, but one of his emails was forwarded to me) Fred Jones- [email protected]

The company they claim to work for is called:
Payroll Alliance Company

And the return address for the printed "checks" is:
Kelly Jennings
(916) 222-1635
Kirby Designs Inc
1000 Venetian Way
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Hope this helps anyone else before they get sucked in....
#301289 by Tim Atem Thu Jul 21, 2016 7:58 am
Thank you for reporting this. You need to call Paypal and notify them that you gave your Paypal email to a scammer and you will need to change the email address associated with the account. You want to notify Paypal first, though, that way if there are funds sent to your account from unknown sources, they can be flagged/rejected right away.

No legitimate work-at-home employer would require their employees to mail checks for them or use their personal accounts to send/receive money on their behalf.

This thread will explain the red flags and how to avoid scams like this in the future:


You also need to take any fake checks you have, printed emails and labels, and take them to your local post office to report them to the Postal Inspector. Even if they weren't sent through the USPS - still take them to the USPS Postal Inspector. They will tell you what to do from there.


Learn what a scam is and how to protect yourself
#312457 by mdpharr Thu Nov 17, 2016 12:21 pm
Just recently been scammed by the same situation from:


Payroll Filling Service Inc. is a full-service payroll and tax filing firm. We proudly serve over 2,000 clients – primarily in the Mid-Atlantic region.

We offer many “pay-as-you-go” Workers Compensation payment options through a variety of partners, including Chesapeake Employers Insurance, The Hartford, Selective Insurance, AmTrust North America, The Guard, Berkley Mid Atlantic Group, CNA, Donegal Insurance, Eastern Alliance Insurance, Employers, Key Risk Insurance, and the now The Maryland Restaurant & Hospitality Self-Insurance Fund.Along with traditional payroll services, we also offer interfaces to all major POS Systems, General Ledger systems and 401(k) providers.

Payroll Filling Service Inc. is seeking to add a talented, in-house Part time Payroll Clerk to our team and would be doing work for Payroll Filling Service Inc as an Independent Contractor. We will provide the necessary payroll tools upon approval of position and it will be delivered to you.


• Process payroll weekly for 30 employees- local and non-local, multi-state.
• Assists the printing and distribution of the Company's weekly employee payroll checks via USPS, FedEx or UPS.
• Files all documents.


• Computer Savvy and familiar with office technology
• Friendly demeanor and Positive Attitude
• Good written and spoken communication skills
• Ability to multi-task and prioritize


• Computer ( Must have)
• Printer
• Printing Paper

NB: Get back to me with the following information below for the delivery of the printer to e-Mail : [email protected]

Full Name :
Street Address :
Apt # :
City :
State :
Zip Code :
Cell phone(Please provide valid number) :
Acceptance of Offer :

This is a work from home position and Wage is $700 Monthly and your attention is needed 2-3 times weekly, Maximum of 10 hours weekly. The work environment is casual and friendly.

Kindly get back to me ASAP if you are interested in this position.

Hiring Department

The 2 numbers he used to text me were:
#312527 by vonpaso xlura Fri Nov 18, 2016 3:16 pm is email-only. Please post the complete headers of the email from so that we can kill it.

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