Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#3066 by Chris Martins Fri Apr 04, 2008 3:12 pm
This scam is probably multi-pronged. The job will be the usual cash fake checks for a commission routine. It may also be designed to steal paypal accounts, and possibly to launder money. Whatever they are up to, nothing good can come from answering an email like this.

I\'m Gloria Hunter, Manager of BESTPAYSOLUTION LTD company. On site
i have found your resume and want to offer you
the vacancy of \"PayPal Manager\".

Job description:
The major duty of the PayPal Manager is to process payments between our
clients and our company via PayPal system. You will get 10 percent per

Salary: 500$-3500$ per month.

Benefits of this vacancy:

1. Flexible work schedule, work 3-5 hours per week.
2. Possibility of your career rising.
3. Home-based.
4. Ability to take unlimited vacation (without guaranteed salary).

Minimal requirements:

1. You must have PayPal account with Verified bank account.
2. At least 18 years old.
3. Internet and Email skills.

If you need more information click here
( If you want to apply for this
job please fill the form ( If
you’ve got some questions about this vacancy F.A.Q.
( and can’t find the answer to them
address to our support ( . And we
are sure to help you

Best regards
Gloria Hunter manager BESTPAYSOLUTIONS LTD

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." -Edmund Burke

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