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#174948 by thrasher4 Sun Aug 25, 2013 5:33 pm
AFMS Shopper's group sent me a counterfeit check FedEx and a few weeks later mailed me a counterfeit USPS Postal Money Order without telling me so I didn't expect it. Where do they print the fraudulent USPS Money orders and where do they get the paper? The paper looks like the same as the paper used for the real USPS Money orders. I'm hoping I can get them to send me a bunch or the checks,maybe act like I will mail them to their victims but it may be dangerous. I would just turn them into the postal inspectors if I can do it safely. There has to be a way. I copied the fraudulent USPS money order and sent the copy to the postal inspectors. Should I have sent the fraudulent USPS money order or is the copy fine?

Attn Prospective shopper,

How are you doing and family ? I hope great, I am writing to confirm to you that we are sorry for the delay in shipping your assignment package , its was due to the amount of shopper's we have down before you, we ship our assignment package according to the list we have ,Once again sorry for the delay, Your assignment package is packed and ready to be shipped to your address on file today via FEDEX mail, please reconfirm to us your new delivery home/office address. If you have moved from the former address you sent to us for your package delivery let us know. i shall wait to read from you asap with the reconfirmation of your delivery address to enable your assignment package shipped via overnight deliver FEDEX Express mail. Kindly reply asap.

AFMS Shopper's Group
[email protected]

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If you got a counterfeit/fraudulent USPS postal money order, counterfeit/fraudulent check or any fraudulent money order in the postal mail, call the USPS Postal Inspectors Mail Fraud Unit at 1-800-372-8347 from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM EDT and they will mail you a form and a postage paid envelope to mail the fraudulent money order to them. Press 1. Use the link below to print out a form. If you haven't cashed the fraudulent check or money order,mail in the original fraudulent check or money order along with the postage label/shipping label,any emails and/or letters that has to do with the scam!­­­­­f/ps8165.pdf

U.S. Postal Inspection Service
1-877-876-2455 (select option 4 for mail fraud) (call after you call 1800-372-8347)

If you get a counterfeit/fraudulent USPS postal money shipped by fedex,UPS,DHL it's not mail fraud but still a federal crime. Please take it to your post office or mail it to your local postal inspectors office.

Please don't alert the scammer you saw him/her on scamwarners or anywhere online. He/she will just change his name and email address if you do!

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