Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#175068 by Woman with 5 Tue Aug 27, 2013 9:03 pm
Harrison Employment sent me a check for which I was to call them to activate the check, then deposit it in my checking account, then get out over half of it, then send them that amount Western Union to some one over seas which I would get the information when I called them then shop with a certain amount. All of this was for a UNDERCOVER CUSTOMER SERVICE EVALUATOR of selected stores position with there company. the check is real and any money you spend or deposit in to your account, YOU not them will be RESPONSIBLE FOR AT ALL COST. There was no return address on the envelope. BEWARE :bondage: !!!! :bondage: :bondage: :bondage: :bondage:

#175071 by vonpaso xlura Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:21 pm
The check is fake. It may be drawn on a real account, but written by someone the scammer has hired to print checks. Please post any emails that led up to this, with full headers, and a link to any website involved.

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#185458 by cris4546 Sat Dec 28, 2013 2:59 pm
This company is a scam. I was scamed out of $1500 in December 2013. I recieved a check for a little over $1900.00 and was asked to do a shop at Walmart for green dot cards. I sent him the 3 five hundered dollar green dot cards as soon as possible, with the shop report. He seemed to be in a hurry for me to get them in the mail. Three hundred dollars was to go to me and $100 was for another shop, which I could do at several places. After five days the check for $1900.00 bounced and came back counterfeit. He had said when I first got the check he had to call his bank to have it approved for deposit. It did not dawm on me at the time that this was a false statement, because who has to call their bank to approve a check. No one. I called him about this and asked what is up with the deal and he said he would call me right back about the bounced check and of course he never did. I never called back again, what for? To get my money back? Yeah right. I did a shop at a Shell station as requested. I spent $100 of my own money, that i couldn't afford to spend. This guys name is Mr. Jackson. He is not really very cordial on the phone either. That is the only name he gave me. If you get one of these solicitations, please report it to the FBI. This jerk needs to be caught. Do not put the check into your bank account. The only reason he got me is, I had filled out an appliction for this job on another sight and I thought this was it. I needed the money badly and was not thinking straight when I decided to do this. He got me and now I am really broke. The bank is after me for the rest of the balance. That is no fun either, the are being jerks about it, Bank of America. I have been a customer of theirs for 20 years and the first time I am deliquent for a good reason, I get a humbug (nasty) letter from them. I never thought this would, or could happen to me, please be very careful on the internet.

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