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#178064 by vick.thorpe Sun Oct 06, 2013 12:19 am
Thank god that all the check cashing place was closed on Saturday or I would of cashed it and thought nothing of it. Till I really looked at all my info. They sent me a FedEx that came from one state and the check from a diffrent that's when I started googling and found this site. Now that I look at the email and is responds to the questions I was having it should of though up red flags. Here's what he sent me

< [email protected] > wrote:
hello thanks for getting back to me. My mother will be coming from
(CANADA) and she will be moving very soon, she is 83 Years of age. 141
lbs and 5.7ft. We really need you to be honest and trust worthy in
this work. The work basis are below:

You are to be checking on her at least 4 times in a week for proper
caring and to know how well about her health and i think you have
little medical experience.You will be earning $400 for 1 week of
handling this work properly.

You will be driving her to hospital when she need arise for proper
medical check up at least once in a month and if you don’t know how to
drive, you will hire a car which you will be given money for it. Your
working days will be Mon,Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.You will have
to prescribe the convenient hrs during each of this days which will
not affect your other regular work as this will be a part time work
for you and if you want to live with her in the house for other
assistance there will be no problem. So kindly provide me your full
name and mailing address so that we can ensure the housing agent get
her an apartment which will be more closer to your house

Also we will be paying you the first week wages upfront via a
Certified Check because you will help her to get some medical tools
like one touch basic machine. So I want you to feed me back with the
following details so that we can ensure you are ready for the work.

1}FULL NAME : ....
3}CITY : .....
4}STATE : .....
5}ZIP CODE : .....
7}AGE : .....
8}SEX : .....

And when I asked question about what care his mother needed he really didn't answer just sent me this

[email protected]> wrote:
Hello  ,
How are you doing today. I will like to inform you that the payment
will be delivered to you today via FEDEX (796840269639) courier
service  this morning. I was recently contacted by my caretaker that
they found apartment for my Mother  not more than 5 miles to your
location. I am presently out of town on business trip and caretaker
said we need to pay for the rent and some other charges by Saturday
so that he can come over to show you the apartment with key before the
arrival of my mother (Marie Sue Pink).

But there would be a little help i would like you to render for me. I
instructed my secretary to include the apartment and caretaker fee to
the check you will receive because i am not around at present to pay
by cashand hope you will help me to take care of that. The check
mailed out to you was made out with $$2350.00. Go ahead and deposit
the check to your bank account. Deduct  $400 1 week  with extra $150
buy medical tools.  I will like you to withdraw the excess fund of
$1800 immediately you deposit the check Today in to your account
,deduct your money and send the rest money which is $1800  via western
union money transfer location near to you and have the money sent to
the rental agent.

Below is the rental agent you are to send the rest fund to via western
union Today so that he can arrange the new apartment unfailingly
tomorrow as you know my mother  will be moving there on this week.

Receiver's Name: Jennifer Cominotto
  ADDRESS:.. 1822 North Perkins rd
  CITY:.. Stillwater
  STATE:.. Oklahoma
  ZIP CODE:..  74075

Once you have the rental agent fund send,i will want you to get back
to me with the transfer details as given to you at western union desk
so i can get in touch with the agent and do note that all transfer
charges should be deducted from the rest fund as you don't have to pay
for that from your pocket.Below are the information you are to get
back to me with

1. Sender's First and Last name
2. 10 Digit MTCN #
2. Amount send after charges (send the money via Money in Minutes)
4. Text question and Answer if applicable

Send Copy of the transfer details to: I look forward to read back from
you soon so we have already in place.

Alternatively, you can visit nearest Walmart Store near to you to send
the money via Money-gram and get back to me the above information with
8 Digit Money gram reference number.

Mod note: The receiver (Jennifer Cominotto) may be a victim that believes she has an online job. The scammer may have recruited her into his scams. This is typical in employment type of scams. (BW)

#178065 by Bryon Williams Sun Oct 06, 2013 12:48 am
Welcome to Scamwarners vick.thorpe,

You are 100% correct it is a scam.

The check / Money Order is fake or from a hacked account. Do not deposit or cash it.
Even if your bank tells you that the check/Money Order has cleared, it does not mean they will take responsibility for it when it is returned. They are required by law to give you access to money within a few days.

But later, when the check/Money Order goes to a clearance house or the original bank, the check/Money Order will be returned and you will be held responsible.

It can take days, weeks, or even months for the fraud to be discovered and you will be required to pay all of the money back, regardless of who sent the check/Money Order to you. The bank also may have you charged with 'Financial Fraud'.

bryonwilliams @

Please do not tell the scammer he is posted here.

Find email headers: ... eaders.php

Please remember the fallen.
#178134 by suefar Sun Oct 06, 2013 7:21 pm
I was also scammed. What do I do with this check? Their is also another person involved Bob Chiles fromFairfax Virginia. I started doing research as a lot of questions and no answers from Chan. Then Jennifer living in a apartment complex out of Oklahoma that was to be the rental agent looking for an apartment. Does this guy get away with this?
#178141 by Bryon Williams Sun Oct 06, 2013 9:25 pm
Welcome to Scamwarners suefar,

You can rip the check up and throw it away. The other option is to report it to the US Postal Inspector.

File a fraud report with the postal inspection service. You can also request an envelope from them and actually send them the check.

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Please do not tell the scammer he is posted here.

Find email headers: ... eaders.php

Please remember the fallen.

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