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#184549 by HannahsDad Tue Dec 17, 2013 3:56 pm
Outsource-Assistant Limited at is a fake company recruiting money mules.


The Prez Peter Herrmann is here:

The job Financial Support Agent is here:

The holy grail of use of a business account Financial Support Agent (Business Account Holders) is here:

And here is the FAQ that makes everything obvious

Address: 631 Lisburn Road Belfast United Kingdom BT9 7DT
Fax: No fax
Tel: +44 2895 4760
Steals the identity of the registered, but dormant, UK company of this name/address

In the process of being reported for fraud


#185338 by SoniaG Fri Dec 27, 2013 7:57 am
Hi there,

I have just received an email from Outsource Assistant Limited recruiting for a Financial Support Agent. A man called Julian Davies searched for my CV which was registered on Jobsite. I have now contacted Jobsite to advise them as this company is obviously registered with them as a recruiter. My main concern has been that I'm not able to hide my personal details on this site so will probably have to hide my CV from recruiters. Please be aware if you are job searching and register your CV on these job websites that it's very easy for rogue companies to register with them as recruiters and have access to your data.
#185344 by TerranceBoyce Fri Dec 27, 2013 10:23 am
Welcome to scamwarners SoniaG.

Personally, I consider it a mistake to post a CV to any employment site. I can't believe that any employer would ever scan CV's on any such site looking for potential employees. The people may already be in employment or they could have passed away. It's much easier and simpler to just advertise the job.

Why then would an employment site want to hold your CV ? That's simple. They're a business and they can earn money from providing your details to people who will pay for access to them. I recall that some charge as little as £200. Even though I am retired and not looking for work I posted a spoof CV to one such site and it's interesting to see the offers I got. One recent offer appeared to be for a well paid job which was actually an invitation to a hard sell meeting where expensive courses purporting to make me a self-employed foreign exchange trader were being offered. Of course none of this was spelled out in the offer, but a little research revealed all. Having spent my life in banking, mostly in international banking, even doing some foreign exchange dealing, it's unlikely that job seekers would have the money to pay for the courses, let alone the £1 million pounds they'd need to access market rates and make trading in their own right worthwhile.

Of course these courses always muddle the difference between being a bank FE dealer and a simple gambler. FE dealers in banks aren't gamblers and their 'position' has to be 'square' at the end of each day and the bank regulator will be all over any that don't operate like that. Though this type of offer isn't illegal, it's obviously not appropriate for someone who is seeking employment.

Your CV's will largely be sold to people for marketing purposes and, as you have found out, if the price is low enough even criminals will exploit the arrangement. In the modern era with identity theft being a real risk, if employment sites do nothing to restrict access to your personal details, I wouldn't ever considering using one.

The basis of most scams is knowing what your target victim seeks, whether it's a Romance Site or an Employment Site. Paying £200 for a 'sucker list' of potential victims is a good deal for a criminal seeking to recruit 'money mules' who can each individually earn them tens of thousands of pounds.

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#186699 by bekib123 Wed Jan 08, 2014 12:09 pm
i received this also from the same place but .org

if you sign up and process money for them and it is a fraud what can happen to you?

also - if it is a fraud and you decide not to transfer money on - what are the likely implications from these sort of companies?
#186701 by Terminator5 Wed Jan 08, 2014 12:38 pm
bekib123 wrote:i received this also from the same place but .org

if you sign up and process money for them and it is a fraud what can happen to you?

also - if it is a fraud and you decide not to transfer money on - what are the likely implications from these sort of companies?

Well if you know its fraud why would anyone want to sign up ? They send you counterfeit checks to deposit in your bank account . They than have you western union them the funds . Weeks to months later the checks show up as counterfeits and YOU have to repay the money and possibly even be charged with a crime .

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#186710 by vonpaso xlura Wed Jan 08, 2014 2:36 pm and are both fake sites run by the same gang. The gang often registers two or three similar domain names.

If you process money for them, you can get arrested for money laundering, and you can have the scammers take control of your bank account, and you can be barred from having a bank account.

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