Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
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This re-shipping company is a total scam and fraud from finland if you work for this company not send any packages for them 2.they will not pay you. Everything they have is stolen.

Trainee Freight Forwarding Agent.Dallas, TX
Company Description
International business professionals and shoppers are always looking for new and unique products from online retailers in the US whether they want to buy one unit or multiple quantities. It has been very difficult to do so as many retailers in the US restrain from shipping overseas. Also, even if they do, their international shipping fees are very high. A-Logistiikka Oy. serves not just the expats but also international travelers who don't want a permanent home (or as we like to call them gypsy-souls!), international shoppers and small businesses looking to buy products from the U.S. Today our business is in a secure state of the virtual facility for the real time monitoring of shipments for both parties - clients and employees, while having a head office located in Helsinki, Finland. We pride ourselves on employing experts in international shipping logistics, package consolidation, export compliance and customs documentation. We even have more than a few shopping experts! Our customers rely on our expertise to ensure their items are shipped quickly, safely and in the most cost-effective manner possible.
Job Description
A-Logistiikka Oy. is currently seeking energetic and self-motivated Trainee Freight Forwarding Agent who will provide EU shoppers with a US address and ensure safe forwarding of the purchases. If you enjoy working from comfort of your home most of the day then this is the position for you! Basic online training is provided for starters, however most aspects will be covered as you begin receiving and shipping packages. From the day one, supervising manager will be assigned to you, who will make sure you that you keep up to company's expectations.
- Own desk and computer to complete your shipping and receiving duties;
- Working standard inkjet or laser printer;
- Mobile phone;
- Must be at least 25 years old;
- Computer literate, basic user of Microsoft Office suite.
Additional Information
- Outgoing shipping: final packaging, labeling, data entry into virtual shipment monitoring system and providing shipping slips for reconciliation;
- Receiving of incoming shipments including: unpacking, goods verification and data entry into virtual shipment monitoring system;
- Complying and remaining up to date with all company's regulations;
- Manage shipments under strict deadlines and, shipping and receiving reporting requirements.

- Base salary: $36k/annum ($18k/annum during training);
- Performance bonuses;
- Contract: Full-Time, W-9 position;
- Extensive off-hour work "as needed"
- Flexible work schedule;
- Great earning potential;
- Vehicle allowance reimbursement;
- Job-Related expense reimbursement.
Hr director is Miiko Korhonen email addy is [email protected]
supervisor is Pavel Makinen email addy [email protected]
software they stole
Mr Miiko Korhnen

HR Director | A-Logistiikka Oy.

P: +358 (9) 2316 1512
us phone 800 999 1297 has been disconnected
E: [email protected]

complete scam and credit card fraud and this is a job scam

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