Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#186634 by AdamW Tue Jan 07, 2014 6:21 pm
I received an email yesterday about a Travel Coordinator position with I responded to it with interest. The ladies name was Charlotte. I received a response today stating that I had been transferred to Roman Danin from Seattle. He is to be my boss. Read the job description and tell me what you think.

My name is Roman Danin, and I work for the travel company Euro Lines,
LLC ( Charlotte, from the human resources department has
already contacted you in regard to the current opening and has
informed me that you are interested in the opportunity. I like to
thank you for your interest in our company, I believe that this will
become the career that you were looking for. My title is Personnel
Manager and starting today I will be consulting you, answering any
questions that might arise, and provide you with step by step

--Do we have a website?
Yes. Please follow this link

--What do we do?
I like to state few words about our company. We have great experience
working in travel industry, and our specialists always helpful and
ready to a trip to satisfy any taste and desire! Throughout the years
we have become professionals in tourism and have gained expert
knowledge in the industry, which means that we provide high quality
travel experience, which has not gone unnoticed, and made us leaders
of the industry. Yet we don’t allow ourselves to become satisfied with
our achievements; therefore, we continue to expand horizons of our
success, and every year we conquer new countries of the world! Because
we are in the process of expending onto American market, we have a
need in growing work force, and for this reason we like to invite you
on board of our company as a Travel Coordinator!

--How much you will be paid?
By now you probably have questions such as what exactly I should be
doing, or how much am I going to get paid and so on, so let's take one
step at a time, and go over all of the questions you have. First let's
look at your income, it has two parts to it, one part is your base
salary which is $48,100.00 a year. You are in titled to this money
regardless of how much commission you will make. The second part is
your commission that you also will be making from every transaction
that goes through your hand. Let me give you an example how this
works. For example you have a transaction that is in the amount of
$2000.00, for that transaction your commission is 5 percent, which
makes 100 dollars that are in addition to the annual $48,100.00 base
salary. I hope this explains how your income is calculated.

--How and how often do I get paid?
You will be paid in the following way. First you have three options to
get paid; by check, by direct deposit or by QuickPay. Your first pay
day is scheduled three weeks after the day you start. The start date
is considered as the day of your first transaction. After that, you
will be paid every two weeks. Because we do not withhold any taxes,
you will be receiving the full amount, which makes your first check to
be for $2775.00, because this check is for three weeks. Thereafter,
you will receive checks for the amount of $1850.00 every second week.
And on top of this, you will be receiving 5 percent commission from
all transactions.

--What responsibilities I will have?
Let me go over your job responsibilities, and provide a step by step
description of your typical day. Your main job is to process payments.
You will not be selling tickets, book hotels, or deal with the client
in any way. All that you are responsible for is to process checks,
both business and personal. When client makes a purchase, they will be
instructed to send check to you, written in your name. Before you
receive a check, you will get an email from me, notifying you about
the check. I will tell you who is it coming from as well as the amount
of the check. You will be receiving checks in the mail. When you do
receive it, you need to make a deposit to your personal account. Two
days after you make a deposit, the money for the check will transfer
to your account. You will need to take these money and keep 5 percent
of it as your commission. Then send the rest over MoneyGram or Western
Union. You will be repeating same process for every check.
Again, your responsibilities are:
1. receive a check.
2. deposit it, and wait two days for the funds to become available.
3. receive your 5 percent commission.
4. send money to our representative in Russia.
5. start over.

--What do I do with the money, after I cash the check?
You will keep your 5 percent commission, and send the rest to our
representative in Russian Federation.

--Why do I need to send money to Russia?
The owner of our company is Russian, and he keeps his finances in

--MoneyGram and Western Union has a fee, who pays for it?
Good question, thank you for asking it. You will not be paying for any
job related expenses. We pay for it. So let's use this example, let's
say you received a $2000.00 check, the 5 percent of it is for you to
keep. Subtract 5 percent from 2k, you'll get $1900.00, then subtract
the Western Union fee, let's say it's another $80.00, that leaves you
with $1820.00, this will be the amount that you will be sending.

--Is this work from home?
No. There is nothing for you do at home. You will be responsible for
going to the post office to get the check, then going to the bank to
cash it, and then going to the MoneyGram or Western Union office to
send money.

--What to do if check bounces back?
We got you covered! In case bank asks for the money back, you are
completely covered. We will fully reimburse you for the full amount,
and on top of that you will keep the 5 percent commission. But that's
not all, we will also add additional $100.00 "trouble free" bonus.

--Where are you located?
We are all over the world. Me personally, I am in Seattle. The company
headquarters are in France. The finance department is in Russia. The
sales people, are in Asia, Europe, USA,...

--Why do you need me to cash checks, can't you do it yourself?
Have you ever asked yourself, why there are still AM radio stations in
business? The answer is simple, because they are making profit! We
have you processing our payments because this is profitable for us.
Your position saves us time and money, and this is why we have it.

--Why this position is offered to me?
We see you as a qualified candidate for the position. We believe that
your past experience, training and skill make you the person we want
to have aboard.

--Will there be an interview?
No. You have been selected from the large pool of candidate. At this
time we see no need in additional scrutiny.

--Is it even legal?
Yes. This type of financial operation is perfectly legal. Many
companies use similar method of payment processing. By having you
processing our payment, we are not breaking any international,
federal, or state law.

--This is too good to be true!
I'm sorry you feel that there is no gain without pain. You probably
had bad jobs all your life, and now you're at the point where you have
convinced yourself that good jobs do not exist. But just look around,
there are many happy faces around you, they are happy because they have
good income with little effort. And you are on the way to become one
of these happy people.

--Can we talk about this over the phone?
Below is the form you need to fill out, the form includes your full
name, your mailing address, your phone number and other items. You
must provide this information, before we move on!

--Are there others like me?
Yes. We have travel coordinators in every country, where we conduct
business, such as Asia and Europe.

--Let's sum it up!
You are being offered a GOOD JOB. Yes, that's right, the good job. Ask
yourself, if you're tired of the one you have now. I know you are. I
know that you're tired not only from your job, but from your boring,
and mostly meaningless life. You always in need of money, often cannot
even afford the things you need, not mentioning the things you want.
With us, you will be making alot of money. The base salary, is good
enough, but you will be making good commission as well. Your monthly
income will run between $7,000.00 to $8,000.00. That's alot of money,
just imagine how you can spend it and what you can buy. Do you need a
new car? Are you late on credit cards? They problems you have are
real, and we do understand them.
So here is the plan. You will submit required information, and then I will
prepare documents for you, the employee agreement. After I get all
needed info from you, I will send you contract for you to read. Then
you will return signed copy of the contract back to me, and from that
moment you will be hired! So we will finish up documentation this
week, and then next week you will start working. Just think, next week
you will start making good money. So don't wait, reply to my email
immediately. I will be waiting for it.

In order for us to move forward, please provide the
following information:
Full legal name:
Full mailing address (include street/city/state/zip):
Email address (one that you prefer to use):
Phone number:
Monday: AM____:PM_____
Tuesday: AM____:PM_____
Wednesday: AM____:PM_____
Thursday: AM____:PM_____
Friday: AM____:PM_____

Don't wait, provide all of the required information immediately, so
that we can continue with the hiring process.

Roman Danin
Personnel Manager

Euro Lines, LLC
tel/fax: 206-337-7256

#186639 by Bryon Williams Tue Jan 07, 2014 9:02 pm
Yes, it is a scam. The scammer is asking you to Money launder for him. He will send you checks from hacked or stolen bank accounts. You will be asked to cash the checks and send him a percentage.

If you did this you are looking at some serious problems. Once the bank learns you have been depositing fraudulent checks you will have to repay the money back. Possibly have your account closed, blacklisted by other banks and reported to Law Enforcement for Fraud.

Here is a good an example why you do not want to do this. viewtopic.php?f=2&t=80212

Please contacta moferatorstor if you have a question or information about this post.

Please do not tell the scammer he is posted here.

Please remember the fallen.
#186642 by Mike Wilson Tue Jan 07, 2014 9:54 pm
The website belongs to a legitimate company that does not have any connection to this scam. The criminal in Russia is using this website to add credibility to his scam.
The legitimate company does not have a business presence in Seattle, Washington, USA.

It is ALWAYS a scam
If the pet seller or shipper asks for money to be sent via Western Union, Money Gram, any brand of gift card. Walmart To Walmart , Zelle , PayPal friends and family option, or mentions Cameroon
#303035 by Mike Wilson Sun Aug 14, 2016 1:50 am
Please post the emails that you received after removing your personal information. If you have not met your employer in a face to face interview then this is a scam and an attempt to steal money from you.

It is ALWAYS a scam
If the pet seller or shipper asks for money to be sent via Western Union, Money Gram, any brand of gift card. Walmart To Walmart , Zelle , PayPal friends and family option, or mentions Cameroon
#303491 by Samau Judith Thu Aug 18, 2016 8:15 am
This is the job duties l have already completed.

This letter is very important. Please read carefully the entire body
of my message from beginning to the end, because it contains important
information in regard to your first entrance task. First let me give
you the good news, today one of our clients pay for our services. The
check was issued to you and was mailed out over USPS Express mail. You
will be receiving this check within 3 business days from today. This
is your first task and this task is very important, here at the early
stages of your career you can express your organizational skills to
the fullest extent, and also you have the chance to demonstrate your
great productivity, in order to avoid any disruptions, which can have
negative effect on our business reputation.

Because in our company you are the new employee, I have prepared for
you a set of instructions, so this can help you to be guided in your

1. Please read the instructions and information provided in this
message carefully.

2. Wait for Incoming money transfer (You receive it as check by USPS).

3. As soon as you receive Incoming money transfer (receive the check),
then you should complete the transaction:
A - Cash Incoming money transfer (Cash the check).
B - Take 5 percent commission from sum as your remuneration
C - Take 95 percent from the check amount and send it over
Western Union to the Recipient specified below. Please, choose "Money in
Minutes" service option of the Western Union. (Note: Withhold
transaction fee according to the Contract terms and send the
remaining amount - that is take the transaction fee from the 95
percent and send the rest of the money to our manager).

4. After sending the money, please email me a report on the completed
transaction containing the following information:
- Full name of the manager you sent the funds to
- Amount transferred
- MTCN (digital unique combination Western Union gave you)

1. The information on customers who should write out checks:
Check information: (STEPHENSON LAND SERVICES) $2,325.00

2. Name of the receiver (representative) to whom you should send the funds to:
First Name: ROMAN
Last Name: MACAROV
Country: Czech Republic (zip code and street are not required)

Though we'd greatly appreciate completion of current assignment ASAP
(and an additional bonus of 5 percent for each processed check amount
is guaranteed if you handle a transaction once received within 24
hours - to be added to your monthly pay) as we are aimed at receiving
customer payments and subsequently processing customer orders within
1-2 days, please note that if your bank DEMANDS clearing of the check,
according to established bank policies, you can deposit the check to
clear it. This is your right and is not a problem that could prevent
completion of the transaction. In such a case, just tell us how many
days (exactly) it is going to take before the funds get available to
you. Please confirm if you have received & understood these
guidelines. Please also note that at this time Czech Republic has
really low tax rates, which is beneficial for our business
development. Thus, time after time transactions will be made to our
branch in Czech Republic. You are going to receive several customer
checks per week – some transactions will be meant to go to Czech
Republic, and some to other European branches of ours. After some time
you will also be asked to provide us with standardized financial
reports (I am going to provide all required guidelines and
instructions in this regard during the first month of your operation).

5. Email me transaction report (refer to paragraph number 4).

Please remember to maintain professional conduct and respect as well
as high ethical standards, because at that moment you are the face of
our company, and the company’s reputation which we all worked for
years to earn now depends on you!

This will conclude the overview of your entrance task, and please
remember that our company appreciates your fast and timely performance
in financial services. We trust that no problems will occur in the
operational process, if you will strictly follow instructions. This
instruction set is complete and has been proven by time and therefore
should not raise any further questions. In case, you do have questions
that were not addressed by this instruction, feel free to ask me and
I'll help. If you do understand all instructions please confirm it by
replying to my email. I will be waiting for your timely reply.

Have a nice day!

Michael Agosti
Personnel Manager

Piratin Viaggio, LLC
#303494 by Tim Atem Thu Aug 18, 2016 8:22 am
Is that the only check you deposited? You need to print out your emails and take them to your bank's fraud department to report that you are a victim in a work-at-home scam immediately. If you receive any more checks, take them with you to the police with your emails as well to file a police report. Make it clear that you are a victim as well. Do this as soon as possible.


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