Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
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No real company hires you without an in person, face to face interview. An email or telephone interview is always the sign of a scam! No real company charges any money for a job even for a visa or work permit and even if they say they will refund the money. Read: No real company or visa agent ever uses a free email address. Read: No real visa agent ever requests you wire money into any bank account or by Western Union or Money Gram. Read: There are no exceptions! Don't let a scammers convince you otherwise! No real company uses a telephone number that begins with +44 70, +44 871, +44 870, +44 844, or +44 845. Those are forwarding numbers which are not in the UK. Read: Always Google contact information to find warnings. Read:

All house supervisor, house keeping, house cleaning, nanny jobs, private nurse, etc. jobs from Canada and UK are scams. No stranger is going to hire a stranger in India who he can't see, and pay them to fly them to their home and trust them with their family. It doesn't make sense. They could just hire someone in their own country who they know or could interview!

Mr. Douglas C Mackey
Unit 1500, Aviator Way
Manchester London,

Dear xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Date: 10/01/2014

I appreciate your interest and willingness regarding this job offer. I have gone through your profile, and base on your educational background am pleased to offer you this job. Your job is to supervise and manage all other workers working in the house like the chef, nanny, security guard, and drives, to make sure every thing is going on well. As am always away from home due to the nature of my business.

Attach to this mail is the job contract agreement, read and understand the content and if you accept the terms and conditions, print out and fill in the gaps, scan and send back to me along with a scan copy of your international passport and passport photograph for other official endorsement towards the processing of your work visa with the British Immigration service here in London. However, after receiving the job contract agreement duly signed by you, i shall direct you on how to obtain your working visa from the British Immigration service Over there in your country

I will bear your flight ticket and provide all documents needed for the processing of your working visa, while You will be responsible for the payment of your working visa fee of £350 pounds to the British Immigration service over there in your country to enable them secure an appointment for your visa. This is the only cost you have to bear which will be refunded back to you when you resume work in my home over here in London.

Do understand that am asking you to bear your visa fee due to my past experience, after providing all traveling documents including air ticket, my employee turn me down by not showing up, causing me to loose my money with no refund.

Kindly confirm your acceptance of the above terms and conditions by signing on the lower right hand side and return back to me the duplicate copy of the agreement Letter.

Best Regards,
Mr. Douglas C. Mackey

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