Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
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EA.pdf wrote:The Employee must provide valid checking account information in order to start working for the Company.

No real company requires this. Money launderers require this of mules, but no real company requires you to be paid by direct deposit, which is their pretext.
IntroductionBasics.pdf wrote:The History of the Company
Cyrus Limited, Inc. was founded by a group of professional freelancers specializing in web programming, web design and project management in 2007. Because of the company's nature (we are web developers) almost all contractors work from their home offices, remotely. We are working with 50+ freelance teams and individuals all over the world, and only the administrative staff works in the company's headquarters. This is a rapidly developing market, and we believe that with the current level of technologies all specialists will be working from home in the nearest future.
Our Locations on the World Map
Our headquarters in Longwood, FL
Countries where our contractors work remotely, freelancing: (Germany, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Finland, India)
We are co-operating with many young and talented developers, mainly in Eastern Europe and Asia, since the level of technical education is high in these regions, whereas the hourly rates for web development works are much lower than those in Western Europe and Northern America. Besides, advanced technologies of today and the spread of globalization allow them to work remotely and efficiently co-operate with team members from any part of the world.

There is no marker in Finland. One or more of those countries are where the money is forwarded to, and most likely where the scammers are located.
IntroductionBasics.pdf wrote:How is the Project Life Cycle Organized?
The Company signs a contract for web development with the Customer

The Customer makes the initial payment for the Project to the Clent Manager

The Client Manager receives the initial payment from the Customer, takes Developers’ fees from it and sends it to the Developers by WU/MG

The Developers receive their fees and start working on the Project

Once the development is completed, the Project is tested and demonstrated to the Customer

Final corrections are made (if any), all Project materials are sent to the Customer, who then makes the final payment for the Project

No legitimate company sends money by Western Union or MoneyGram. There is no web development project in this. There are only money launderers stealing money.

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