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Traveling Consulting Unit . Was operating on Alibaba in Thai, Japanese, spanish, russian,arabic, turkish, german and vietnamese . It appears that their ads on Alibaba have been recently deleted .

Found one Ad here. The website mentioned below in the ad appears to have never been registered
. ... 64124.html

Canada Passports Suppliers 1-571-67464124

Traveling Consulting Unit and Tekniskill Manpower Sdn Bhd is the recommended supplier of Canada Passports, the contact details as follow separately.

Traveling Consulting Unit , L7L 6Z8 Burlington Ontario Canada
Phones: 1-571-67464124,,
Office Location: L7L 6Z8 1122 International Blvd.

Tekniskill Manpower Sdn Bhd , 52100 Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Phones: 60-12-6944231,6012-3095051,60-12-3095051
Office Location: 52100 Metro Prima, Kepong,
Headquarters: Metro Prima, Kepong,, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Call now for a quotation


Mr. Lincesa Brenda

Mr. Mohd Azmeer

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Canada Passports Suppliers-Canada-Traveling Consulting Unit-Mr. Lincesa Brenda–Tekniskill Manpower Sdn Bhd-Mr. Mohd Azmeer-6012-3095051
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We are arranging and supplying Foreign Workers to our valued clients in Malaysia please contact immediately if also need workers

We the Tekniskill Manpower Sdn Bhd, a leading Human Resources company of Malaysia feel pleasure to inform you that we are capable to arrange and supply any kind of foreign workers to our valued clients here.

We are arranging and supplying following category workers in Malaysia.

3.Manufacturing, (Factory)
5.Service Sector, ( Restaurant, Cleaning, Security, Sales, Shop Assistant and many more)

We also help our clients to get KDN approval to recruit foreign workers,

Please contact us immediately for further discussion.

Mr. Mohd Azmeer ... 28791.html

Agricultural and Plantation Workers


We need 200 Rubber Plantation workers, should be hard working and willing to work on Production basis, High salary offered

We are looking for 200 workers for Rubber Plantation, it is indeed a hard working job, but best for unskilled and uneducated workers without having any experience, all the necessary training will be given at site only.

We are offering PRODUCTION BASE job, existing workers are even earning RM 1500 to 3300 per month here, all other basic facilieis like,

1. Accommodation with free Electric and water,

2. Medical,

3. Insurance,

4. Transportation,

5. Partial food

Have been provided free by Employer, nice atmosphere, good locations, please submit your documents immediately for calling visa, we need Indian and Pakistani workers for this job.

Please contact us for further action.

Thank you,

Mr. Azmeer Riaz,

Tel : 60126944231

We Tekniskill Manpower Sdn Bhd are a leading and renowned Human resource organization of Malaysia, we are dealing in following services, please contact us if you have any interest in our compan
We are basically a Manpower company, we have lot of job opportunities in Malaysia like, Factory, Construction, Plantation, Agricultural, Service Sector and even Professional jobs like, Engineers, Doctors, Rig workforce etc etc, please contact us if you are looking for these jobs, we will assist you to get all legal agreements and employment contracts through government to government.
We also assist our valued clients to incorporate a Malaysian company here, we have comprehensive knowledge and command in this regard, we can help you to form a local company which will help you to start any business in Malaysia, we will also provide all other facilities like Office and local staff if requested by your good self.
We also process applications under the scheme of Malaysia my Second home, it is a wonderful opportunity for those who want to stay here for longer period, as every body know, Malaysia is a very peaceful country which is now becoming a target for every nation, millions of peoples from all over the world are taking interest in this golden land, please contact us for further information.
We are also assisting our valued clients to obtain Entry and Employment visas for Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and USA, we have our counterparts in every country to assist visa application for our valued clients, please contact us if you are interested to go in these countries.
We are also dealing in Food Products, Fresh Fruits, Fruit Juices, Agricultural products, we are acting as the Representative / Sole Agents for foreign exporters and manufacturers in Malaysian market, we have a very sound and healthy market for all such products, if you are planning to launch your products in Malaysia, then please contact us, we have a sound market here, we are registered in all Hyper and Super Markets.
Pease Contact
Tekniskill Manpower Sdn Bhd,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Email to this supplier

Mr. Mohd Azmeer

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