Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#216311 by HannahsDad Tue Aug 26, 2014 4:52 am
Damen Soft at

Damen inventory software


Main Office (The Netherlands)
Westhavenweg 537 str, 1073 AH Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Email: [email protected]

Tech Office (France)
17 Rue Livio 47100 Strasbourg, France.

Domain registered 17th August 2014 for 1 year only
No such software, no such company, no such job
In the process of being reported for fraud
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#216325 by Karim Elwan Tue Aug 26, 2014 7:14 am
hey can you provide me with more information about how this could be scam as i received this software website and asked to download it to proceed with certain job required for other company but should purchase this software first.
Did you tried purchase it ??

#216348 by HannahsDad Tue Aug 26, 2014 8:09 am
Glad you saw this and asked.

The scam is that you have to pay for the software to get the job.

You pay using an untraceable transfer.

So when it turns out that there is no software or job they have your 60 Euro and you still have no job.

This is about the 25th instance of this particular website that I am aware of. You will find posts here for:
Dime Soft
Dislin Soft
Dive Soft
Dune Soft
Gelda Soft
Gina Soft
Lain Soft
Lanco Soft
Landex Soft
Laner Soft
Larz Soft
Latex Soft
Lavina Soft
Lazaro Soft
Laz Soft
Leda Soft
Lenze Soft
Lewa Soft
Lid Soft
Lindex Soft
Livex Soft
Lox Soft
Sacom Soft
and Cadem Soft
and possibly others!
A bit of an industry going on, presumably it pays or they'd do something else!

You can see the recruitment process described here:

I am confidently expecting to see Gac Soft at
and Landis Soft at in the near future.
and I hope you have better luck with your job search.

#218950 by iad786 Sun Sep 14, 2014 9:24 am

Thanks HannahsDad,

they are doing quite good job to making fraud with people,i have got email in my inbox, said that they have received my cv even though i never applied to them.

making employment contract, wrote in red bold colour

Hidden Cost or Charges by applicant:

Note that GLOBAL Inc does Not charge any kind of fee/ membership / or any kind of one time payment etc,
It’s a Fraud to charge any kind of payment before or after to applicant/ employee,
We are very against of this type of Scam,
So at GLOBAL you can freely apply with confidence you dont need to pay any fee at any stage,

After that they send me some sort of stupid project, which never made any sense to me to put in software, wrong and incomplete information (address etc) for supplier,i have to type a lot of illogical data in software, which cost EUR 60 to buy, and i have to pay,

did you see above statement where they said they are against the scam and will never charge any thing,

now they are asking me to buy some software for them!!!

NO, NO,,,, that not true ,


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