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Nirtex Group is an international consultancy company that has been working on the market of relevant services for more than 10 years. During this period of time we proved ourselves to be reliable and responsible partners. Our clients include corporations, companies, firms, enterprises, and social institutions from all over the world. Many years’ experience and deep knowledge and understanding of contemporary market and industries processes allow us to offer our clients easy but effective solutions.
In Nirtex Group clients are regarded as a core of the whole business.
That’s why you can be sure you will be perceived as a friend that means we will do our best to solve your problem.
We have great experience in various sectors of economy. They include agriculture, industry, education, medicine, tourism, hotel business, etc. Whatever we do, we bear full responsibility for each step of ours. Besides, as our client, you can be confident about excellent results you will get after our co-operation.
The mission of Nirtex Group is to improve our clients’ business, guarantee you the feeling of stability and success.
Nirtex Group is a real expert in business. We know all possible business problems and are sure to help you in their solving.

Nirtex Group is a team of real professionals united by one goal – to meet all needs and requirements of our clients.
Our specialists have all necessary knowledge and practical experience to lead your business to success.
We are always aware of innovations and new tendencies of the market. At the same time we never offer universal solutions and never use wide-spread tools. We develop our own methods and propose unique solutions that are suitable only for your business and can be used only by you.
In Nirtex Group every employee realizes that the company success directly depends on our clients’ success. Thus we do our best to satisfy all your needs.
Cooperation with Nirtex Group brings nothings but pleasure and high results as our experts are always aware of what we do.
In our practice we use team work. It means that your projects are worked out comprehensively. Experts from various fields and areas are involved in the process of your problem solving. We always take into account all risks, analyze the problem from various angles and offer you the most efficient solutions.
At the same time we cherish our specialists and give them perfect opportunities for self-development and self-improvement. We understand that the efficiency of our common work depends on personal and professional growth of each member of our team.

100 Hudson St New York, NY 10013, USA
Head Office Phone:Please use contact form and we'll call you back
For International:Please use contact form and we'll call you back

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