Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#218574 by ms.jackson Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:26 pm
This company appears to be the same as all the other "Healthcare Ltd" companies. They are based out of India and have the following website:

Please DO NOT fall for this! I almost lost $200.

Though the website appears legitimate, my interactions with them were very strange. The interview was done completely online via YahooMessenger (written communication) and they have avoided all communicating via telephone or video. When I asked specific questions about their research, particular benefits and the expected timeline of training, etc., these questions were avoided or put off. At times, the interviewer (David Colker) would go offline immediately after the question was asked.

I received an interview offer from Morana Rita, who was listed as the primary contact on the Job Description. Looking back, I realize the e-mail had basic punctuation errors:

"Dear Applicant,

Congratulations! We are very pleased with your listed qualifications and would like to conduct an online interview to discuss the duties within the job, along with the pay scale. Your information has been forwarded on to the Head of Operations Manager MrDavid Colker He will be conducting the interview, via Yahoo Instant Messenger.

If you are still available and interested, ,setup a screen name with the yahoo instant messenger online at(, and add Mr David Colker to your buddy list. His screen name is ([email protected])

Please be online as soon as possible from 8am for your interview and briefings

Mrs Morana Rita"

When I went online the next day, the interview was done completely online. I have copied our full series of exchanges below. Please note that all personal information was removed.

david_colker: Good morning how are you doing today>
david_colker: ?
MyName: I am well. How are you?
MyName: Thank you for asking
david_colker: doing great thanks,i believe you are here for the briefings and interview?
MyName: Yes, I was contacted by Ms. Rita and she asked me to connect with you
david_colker: ok what position are you seeking?
MyName: The role of Research Interviewer
MyName: Job Number: 44348BR
david_colker: ok,I am Mr David Colker The hiring manager of (La-med healthcare Ltd)
What are your full names, Sex, and where are you located state/city?
MyName: My name is MyName. I am female and I'm located in MyCity, GA
david_colker: nice to know you....
david_colker: The name of the company is La-med healthcare Ltd
david_colker: La-med healthcare Ltd is one of the leading healthcare industry with a wide range of unique and best medications for almost every detrimental health complication in humans as well as animals. Our significant insights into new technologies and the ability to find an apt solution for new emerging clinical complication by our R & D unit, makes us an ultimate destination for many medical effective solutions. We put our first step in 1971 as a small local chemical company and with our years of hard work and dedication has climbed the success ladders.
david_colker: We left no stone unturned in furnishing our fine aspects of medical science and be the one with immense power to carry out any clinical intervention with great ease and find an apt solution for every problem. Trust of millions of worldwide customers and round the clock working potential will help us to gain more targets.
david_colker: Our temporary office is located at 306 East Jackson Street Tampa, Florida 33602, Our head office is located in Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400001, India. We have locations all over the USA and currently working on setting up some branches in MyCity, GA thats why we are employing online, but when the new office near you is ready you can be assign to one of them that is if you qualify after the interview...
MyName: Thank you for this valuable information. I look forward sharing more about my skills and interests, as I'm very interested in the work your organization does.
david_colker: This is strictly an online and work from home job the working hours are flexible and you can chose to work from anywhere of your choice, The pay is $18 per hour training is $25 per hour and will be get payment bi weekly via check or direct deposit working 30 to 40 hours weekly, If you are employed you are going to be working as a full employee and not an independent contractor.
david_colker: RESPONSIBILITIES/DUTIES: Conducts telephone interviews to gather primary
data for research studies. Identifies and recruits qualified candidates for participation in focus groups. Conducts intercept research by gathering information, feedback and ideas from participants in pre-determined location.
Prepares and sets up room for focus groups.
Maintains confidentiality of data gathered. Can you handle these duties ?
MyName: Yes. I am confident that I can and will be able to perform all of these duties successfully and effectively.
david_colker: Here's is the company's website you are required to use 5 minutes of your time to read more about the company, then let me know when you are done so we can proceed with the interview
david_colker: As soon as you are done looking at our website please let me know so we can continue with the interview/briefing
MyName: Thank you for sharing the link. I've reviewed the website once more and am ready to proceed.
MyName: Hi Mr. Colker, have I lost you?
david_colker: no i am right here
david_colker: may we proceed?
MyName: Yes
We are currently working on the location in your area , That is why you are been employed online, The office will be ready for used on the 30th of sep, Once the office is available you will be assigned to work over there if hired.
MyName: Okay, thank you.
david_colker: now i will be asking some few questions which i will need your answers for documentation and qualification purpose okay?
MyName: Okay
david_colker: 1. So, tell me a little about yourself.

2. Why are you looking for a job ? Are you currently employed or why did you leave you last job?

3.Where else have you applied? How are you when you're working under pressure?

4.What motivates you to do a good job?

5.What's your greatest strength? What's your biggest weakness?

6.Are you good at working in a team? Has anything ever irritated you about people you've worked with?

7.So, explain why I should hire you.
david_colker: Answer this questions one after the other and notify me once you're done
**ANSWER to Q #1**
MyName: Apologies for the spelling mistake: *indigent populations
MyName: I am ready for the next question
MyName: if this response is sufficient
david_colker: are this the answers to the 7 questions?
MyName: No, I'm sorry. I will continue.
david_colker: ok
**ANSWERS TO Q’s 2-7**
MyName: Thank you for your patience Mr. Colker. Now I am finished.
david_colker: Hold on online while i send your answers to my superiors for review and consideration okay ?
MyName: Okay. No problem.
david_colker: I am back now..The result for the interview is on my desk.
MyName: Okay, thank you! How soon will I be informed the results?
MyName: I'd also like to ask a few questions, if and when it is appropriate to do so.
david_colker: Result for this interview is....You have just been confirmed qualified for this position.You are now offered the job are HIRED! You are welcome to La-med healthcare Ltd. You are now given a chance to show your zeal, commitment, charisma, diligence and be a productive employee.
david_colker: During your training and orientation my supervisor's will reach you via e-mail or phone for your position offer-documents and your working papers. Also they will put you through our company's guildlines under US human Resources Laws and Regulations.
david_colker: You will Earn $18 per hour,You will receive your pay via Check weekly Or direct deposit, What is the name of the banking institution you operate with ?
MyName: Thank you Mr. Colker! This is so exciting. My bank is ****.
david_colker: ok you can ask your question
MyName: Can I have some time to think about this decision before committing?
MyName: If possible, I'd also like to learn some more about the research your team is doing. Can you provide some more specifics about the project as a whole? I'd also like to learn more about the specifc innovative approaches your team is employing to integrate mental and primary healthcare.
MyName: Thank you again for your patience and assistance today. This has been a very informative process and I am still very excited about joining your team. I simply wish to weigh all of my options beforehand.
david_colker: Your Primary duties include: data collection, administrative and managerial support in carrying out various tasks
david_colker: Secondary duties:Now, your secondary daily duties would be to report to your Supervisor, who would be attached to you online, He/She would assign logs of duty daily and you would be required to work according to instructions, using the Microsoft Office tools and the video and telephone interviewing software. Now the function of the software is to arrange, formalize and manage the data you have processed, sent to your supervisor via E-mail.
david_colker: Can you handle the Job duties if you are being trained towards it ?
MyName: Yes, I have experience in all of the above and feel I can perform all duties extremely well.
MyName: Can you tell me more about the research study being conducted, beyond my role?
MyName: How much progress has been made in data collection? Have you found any trends so far within the data? Any information you can give me about the study itself would be greatly appreciated.
david_colker: that will be given to you during the training and orientation
MyName: Okay, thank you for letting me know!
MyName: In that case, I look forward to learning more.
david_colker: Benefits include, Reimbursement for Medical Care, Doctor services, Life and Employee Wellness, AD&D Insurance,and 401k plans. Paid Time Off and Holidays with Generous Company Discount
david_colker: This Job offers Flexible hours but you are to report online by 8am-4pm Monday-Friday for duties,task,and assignment...Ok
MyName: Thank you.
MyName: Yes, this sounds reasonable
david_colker: so we will have to stop here since you said you will have to think before making a decision.
david_colker: when will you be done?
MyName: Can I let you know within 2 weeks?
david_colker: that will be okay
david_colker: but the position will still be opened to others during this time
MyName: Can you explain what this will mean for me regarding my hiring?
david_colker: what part do you want me to explain?
MyName: Does this mean that if you find another qualified applicant I will no longer be able to have the position?
david_colker: i guess so,cause the company has to start work as soon as possible,if a more qualified applicant is found then i guess so.
MyName: Okay. Thank you for clarifying. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Hopefully, within the next few days.
david_colker: ok
MyName: Thank you very much for a wonderful experience today. You have been a great help. I will review all of my offers/potential roles and get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you and your team in the near future.
david_colker: you are welcome.
MyName: I hope you have a wonderful rest of the day.
MyName: Please feel free to contact me via phone or e-mail if you have any other questions or concerns.
MyName: That is, if there are no futher questions now?
david_colker: there is none for now
MyName: Okay. Take care!
MyName: Sorry, what is the best way to reach you when I make my decision? Should I e-mail Mrs. Rita or message you directly?
david_colker: via yahoo messenger i am always online.
MyName: Wonderful. Thanks again.


MyName: Good afternoon Mr. Colker, I hope you are doing well. It was a such pleasure meeting you this morning.
MyName: I would like to formally accept your offer. I sincerely hope the position is still available and that I may still join your team.
david_colker: yes it is still available and you are welcome to this great company of ours
david_colker: I need you to email me with the following: Your full name....Current Home address....Direct phone numbers and e-mail address via EMAIL to
[email protected] to enable my secretery enlist them into the Company's Register for proper documentation. Email that and get back to me now okay?
david_colker: <ding>
MyName: Okay, working on it. You should receive an email in the next few minutes
david_colker: <ding>
david_colker: Good morning.
MyName: Good afternoon!
MyName: I e-mailed the information you requested yesterday. Did you receive them?
MyName: Sorry I did not see your message sooner. I was in class so I had my phone on silent
david_colker: no i didn't
david_colker: hold let me check
david_colker: ok seen may we proceed?
MyName: Sure
MyName: Im glad everything went through
david_colker: You will be undergoing a 3 days training and orientation which will commence as soon as you have all working materials and you are rest assured that you will be paid for it.
david_colker: You will be emailed your Employment Offer Letter and a HR document during your orientation and training,you are required to read, fill, sign and send back to us our copy Employment Offer Letter as soon as you are done...Okay
MyName: okay
david_colker: You will need some Telephone/video interviewing software and also a time tracker to commence your training and orientation and also you need the software to get started with work...the work of the time tracker is to calculate your hours worked since this is an online work from home.
david_colker: Here are the name's of the software's you will need to start working with are: land-line” phone,QuickTap from JK Audio,Wireless phone headset jack with two microphones,a brand new mac computer,Telephone/video interviewing for Mac,Sage,a laser coloured printer
david_colker: The funds for the software/working materials will be provided for you by the company via check, make sure you use them as instructed for the software and i will refer you to the vendor you are to purchase them from...Understood ?
MyName: Yes
david_colker: As soon as the check is been issued out to you i will notify you and provide you with the tracking number so you can keep track and know when it will get to you okay
MyName: Okay
david_colker: All we need from you is good work and trust,you will enjoy every moment working with the company, I have been working for the company for the past 5 years now and it has been a great opportunity for me and my family
david_colker: I believe you have fully understood all i have stated here today ?
MyName: I believe so. In order to do my job well I will need the list of softwares above. The company will provide the funds for the software and work material. Once it is issued you will notify me and I will then, once the check is received, purchase the materials and begin training.
MyName: Is that correct?
david_colker: correct
david_colker: Thats all for the interview, You are to report to me tomorrow morning 8 am your time for update on the check and how to get started with your first duties,task,and assignment...Ok
MyName: I have a prior engagement tomorrow at 8am, but will likely be available online via telephone (messenger app). Is that okay? Will I need a computer?
david_colker: that will be okay.
david_colker: Make sure you are here tomorrow 8 am your time bye and have a wonderful day.
MyName: Wonderful. I'm very excited about this opportunity. I will be sure to be here.
MyName: Thank you

**SATURDAY MORNING (I was online promptly at 8am, Colker did not come online until 8:30am)**

MyName: Good Morning!
david_colker: Good morning how are you doing today?
david_colker: <ding>
MyName: Well, how are you?
david_colker: doing great thanks
david_colker: .kindly hold for update.
MyName: Okay
MyName: Not a problem
MyName: Hi Mr. Colker, I've transitioned from my computer to my phone but I'm worried the messages might not go through. Just in case, please feel free to text me at ###-###-####.
david_colker: ok

**THIS WAS THE END OF OUR EXCHANGE ON SATURDAY—No update, though I stayed online the entire day***

MyName: Good afternoon
MyName: I hope you are well. I wanted to check-in and follow-up on our conversation from Friday & Saturday
MyName: Do you happen to have an update on the check and how to get started with my first duties, task and assignments?

**5 minutes later**

david_colker: hello are you there?
david_colker: <ding>
MyName: yes, I'm here
david_colker: i have been sending messages to you but seems it wasn't delivering
MyName: Oh, I see. Yes, I haven't received any messages until now
MyName: That's very strange. Do you think e-mail might be better?
MyName: I can also call you via telephone if that is more convenient?
david_colker: there is no need for that at the moment
david_colker: well there has been a change of plan
david_colker: `instead of sending the companys check we have decided that we will send all the softwares to you
MyName: Okay
MyName: When should I expect to receive all materials?
david_colker: this week but before then.........
david_colker: you are required to order the company Time Tracker program,you will need this program before the softtwares arrive on thursday morning via fedex.
david_colker: The program will be used to monitor your working hours from the company server and also for your payment purpose,
MyName: Thank you. Can you provide details on how to obtain the program?
david_colker: this program cost $300 only and NOTE: you will be reimbursed alongside you first pay
david_colker: can you afford that?
MyName: Unfortunately, not at the moment. Since moving from PREVIOUS LOCATION (where I was working for PRIOR EMPLOYER), funds have been limited...
MyName: Is it possible to get help with this beforehand?
david_colker: okay how much can you afford let me inform the accountant
MyName: One moment please.. I need to check my account
david_colker: ok.
MyName: I can potentially do $100.
MyName: Is that reasonable?
david_colker: let me inform the accountant
MyName: Okay. Just for clarification, will the package coming via FedEx on Thursday include all the programs/materials discussed on Friday? Except for the Time Tracker program?
david_colker: correct
MyName: Great, thank you.

**Waited for response, but no update**

david_colker: Good morning how are you doing today?
david_colker: <ding>
MyName: Good morning! I am well, how are you?
MyName: Do you happen to have an update regarding the Time Tracker Program?
david_colker: doing great thanks i contacted the companys accountant and she said it will be better if you could affford the sum of $200 so we could proceed.
david_colker: then you will be reimbursed in the next 1 week
MyName: I will have to see if I can make arrangements with a friend for that sum
MyName: but I believe I can make it work considering the quick turn-around time.
david_colker: Good,as soon as you are prepared for instruction inform me okay?
MyName: Definitely. I should have an answer by the end of the day
MyName: I am checking with them now
david_colker: who?
MyName: I'm consulting with a friend to get assistance with the funds
david_colker: ok..
MyName: Can we discuss the instructions now?
david_colker: ok kindly hold
david_colker: My secretary contacted a retailer on your behalf and you are required to order the Time tracker from an online retailer,all you need to do is telegram a total of $200 to the retailer and address via western union as soon as he receive the funds he will get the Time tracker installed and ship it over to you as overnight delivery and that means it should be delivered to your address tomorrow morning okay ?
MyName: Okay.
MyName: Can you provide the retailer's details?
david_colker: Name : Hamza umar
State : Lagos
City : Ikeja
Zipcode : 23401
Country : Nigeria
Txt Que : Best colour ?
Ans : Blue
david_colker: inform me once it has been written down okay?
MyName: Got it. I'm all set
david_colker: alright remember you are using the money in minute service to send the funds okay?
MyName: Okay
david_colker: as soon as you are done email me the slip okay?
MyName: Okay, will do.
david_colker: it is for documentation purpose
MyName: Is that all for today?
david_colker: as soon as you are done inform me for your first task.
MyName: Okay, I will be sure to do so.
david_colker: Good morning
david_colker: <ding>
MyName: Good morning!
david_colker: how are you doing today?
MyName: Good, how are you?
david_colker: doing great thanks
david_colker: saw the receipt but when tracked no information was found
MyName: Really? That's unfortunate. Can I get a moment to check also? I'm hoping it just takes a few hours to verify. I received a confirmation e-mail after purchasing it so it should have went through..
david_colker: ok try tracking it
MyName: It says the funds have arrived and are ready for pick-up:
MyName: Great. So it appears it just needed a few hours to register
david_colker: yes ok i will inform the retailer
david_colker: paste the 10 digit tracking number
MyName: Fantastic. The code is: ###-###-####
david_colker: ok
MyName: Please let me know if you need any additional information. Hopefully everything runs smoothly. On a separate note, did you have a chance to read the rest of my message? I just want to confirm I've understood everything correctly. I'd also appreciate some clarification regarding the two questions I wrote near the end. Can you help with this?
david_colker: yes i did they are correct..
MyName: Wonderful, thank you for confirming. Can you explain what is meant by "generous company discount" for holidays?
david_colker: during holidays there will be a discount from the company whereby all expense will be reduced
MyName: That sounds great. Can you provide an example?

***COLKER IMMEDIATELY WENT OFFLINE AND DID NOT APPEAR ONLINE THE REST OF THE DAY. He also did not respond to my e-mail with answers**

david_colker appears to be offline and will receive your messages after signing in. You can also send a message to david_colker's mobile phone.

#218579 by vonpaso xlura Wed Sep 10, 2014 11:28 pm was apparently registered for only one year, then renewed for one year. However, the address and (except for a zero at the end) phone number in whois match those on the website, and this sort of scam typically has the lad claiming to be part of a legitimate company he is not actually part of (we call this "piggybacking"). Also the lad calling himself David Colker is West African, whereas La-med is Indian., which both whois and the website refer to, was registered in 2006. I therefore think that the site is legitimate.

... ni los estafadores heredarán el reino de Dios. 1 Cor. 6:10
#218580 by AlanJones Wed Sep 10, 2014 11:50 pm
I agree with VX, the phone number that is on the website is geographic - scammers tend to use anonymously bought pre-paid mobiles.

The site is a copy of their other site, with all the phone numbers and email addresses the same - scammers copying a website change the numbers and emails so that victims contact them and not the real company.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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