Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#219416 by nnunez310 Wed Sep 17, 2014 10:25 am
I got on to find freelance jobs to get a little extra income for the holiday season. I got a job interview requested from this company about a week after I applied for a data entry position. First red flag, no telephone interview or even over webcam only through yahoo messenger. Second red flag, on the posting it said 6 hours a week but during the interview they said 30-35 hiurs a week at $20/hr. When questioned about the hours they said a minimum of 6 hours a week. Third red flag, the companies website is and when you go to the website you see the logo in the upper left corner and it says Keystone Payroll and that their company is located in NY. So i googled Keystone Payroll and i found the company Keystone Payroll in PA not NY. That Keystone Payroll is accredited with the BBB meanwhile KeystoneS payroll is not. The last and biggest red flag is they wanted to send a cashiers check or money order to pay for office supplies and software needed for the computer plus it would include $150 signing bonus for me. On the specifically state that employers are not at all under any circumstances allowed to send money directly to the employee only through their online paymebt system. I got screen shots of all the conversations, as well as the fake website and sent them into to make them aware. I also sent an email to the real Keystone Payroll to let them know their company name and logo is being used. Then for giggles I messaged the "company" back and let them know i reported them to elance and the real company...and for even more giggles i said i reported them to authorities in New York (which i never did). Hopefully I can stop someone from getting scanned by them.

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