Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#220412 by mysteryquest Thu Sep 25, 2014 9:12 pm
How are you doing? hope fine . My husband just informed
me that Your traveling and work documents have been processed .
A higher authorization working permit was approved for you and
employment permit granted so that you can come over here and start
working immediately .
So my husband just informed me that the hard copies of your
-work permit documents
-contract documents
- Insurance documents
- liability documents
- travel documents have been processed already and he just deposited
the documents to the Courier Service this morning . So you are
required to contact the Courier Service and pay for your documents
Courier Charge so that they can deliver the documents to you at your
designation address.
After you receive the documents , You will have to let me know so that
i can inform my husband to call the American Embassy there for the
release of your flight ticket and Visa so that you can immediately
come to us and start working .
So you contact the EMS courier service USA through this information
below and get your documents from them .
Contact The EMS courier service USA through the following information
and receive your documents from them .
Courier Company ....................EMS Global Express service USA
State......................................Atlanta , GA
Contact Person........................Mr Bradford
Email Address: ...................... [email protected]
Telephone Number : ..................001-608-319-1102
So once you E-mail them and receive the document please keep me posted
so that i will immediately inform my husband to call for the release
of your air ticket and Visa from the American Embassy there in
Slovakia .
I must say" Congratulation to you and waiting to read from you once
you contact the EMS and receive your documents . Also do let me know
as you contact and pay for the Courier Charges ,



All house supervisor, house keeping, house cleaning, nanny jobs, private nurse, etc. jobs emailed from someone in Canada, United States, Australia and UK are scams.  No stranger in a country is going to hire a stranger in another country who he can't see, and pay to fly them to their home and trust them with their family.  It doesn't make sense.  They could just hire someone in their own country who they know or could interview!  Plus, they would not be able to get a visa for an unskilled worker when there are plenty of them already in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia or the United States!  

Please read carefully because this applies to every job offer you receive!  99% of email job offers are scams!  No real company hires you without an in person, face to face interview.  An email, online or telephone interview is always a scam! No real company ever charges any money for a job even for a visa or work permit! If they want you to pay and say they will refund the costs, you will just send money to a fake embassy official, travel agency or lawyer who is a really a scammer! Read:  No real company, government or visa agent ever uses a free or public email address (,, etc.)  Email addresses like,,, etc. are also free email addresses.  Read: No real visa agent ever requests money via wire to a bank account or by Western Union or MoneyGram. Read: No real company uses a telephone number that begins with +44 70, +44 871, +44 870, +44 844, or +44 845. Those are forwarding numbers which are not in the UK.  Read: If the company does not have a website or the website does not work, it is a scam!  Do not assume a website is legit!  Read There are no exceptions!  Don't let a scammers convince you otherwise!  A scammer is only as smart as his victim is naive!  If something sounds too good to be true, it is a scam! Publicity defeats scammers.  Post the scam emails you receive and warn your friends! Always "Google" all telephone numbers, email addresses and websites in any job offer to see if it has already been posted as a scam!

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