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#351542 by Smart Guy Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:37 am
Here is another guy trying to do the same to get your personal information, PLEASE BE CAREFUL.

Allen Charles [email protected] DOES NOT EXIST, However he will send you a company's link that doesn't belong to him.
He will send you a text from: 201-571-6358 and ask you to call or text at 714-587-3545.
Allen Charles is a real scam.

Email #1

Hello ,

Your interest about the job has been received. I have an urgent need to replace my Administrative/Personal Assistant. I really need someone urgently to take up the position as my personal assistant I am looking for a friendly, simple & trustworthy personal office assistant, this is intended to be a long term/permanent job depending on what your schedule looks like but I'd love to be sure if you are available right away.

The hours will be between 4-5 hours daily which can be

increased after your first week of start-up. This position

allows you opportunity to take on a second job, thereby

increasing your income, but for full time it is 8 hours

daily. Below are the job descriptions;

Your Duties:
*General work
*process mails
*Data entry
*Receive calls
*Book appointments & reservation
*Shopping, etc, or any other reasonable duty will be

allocated to you.

My name is Allen Charles, I am into real estate business. I

also have a personal hobby of dealing in Artifacts,

antiques and materials from ancient cities, I get involved

in several art businesses in the States & Canada. I'm

mostly very occupied, therefore it is imperative for me to

have a worthy personal assistant.

Due to the nature of my job, I am a frequent traveler so I

need an assistant to handle my schedules when I'm busy.

I'll need you to start immediately, you will be properly

briefed & given a comprehensive instruction via email or

phone for every duty. This process will be on-going till

I'm back, I will meet up with you when I return. Kindly

Let me know if you're still interested as I'm offering $30

hourly with a reasonable start-up bonus, I want you to

answer this brief questionnaire below, Please answer them

to the best of your knowledge.

* Have you ever worked as a personal assistant before?
* Will you be taking this as a primary Job?
* If you want to make this your secondary job (How many

Hours does
your primary job take? )
* Do you have professional reference?
* How many hours are you wiling to devote to work for me?
* What do you understand by privacy & Code of Conduct?
* Explain petty cash transactions?
* Tell me a little about yourself?
* Are you willing to give your best shot at working with


I will be expecting your prompt response.

Allen Charles

Email #2

Good to get your response, after the review and consideration of your answers to the questionnaire your application is successful and I wish to congratulate you on the new job as my personal assistant. I will be
in town in 2 weeks & we'll set-up an appointment to meet so you can sign your employment paperwork.

I will provide you with the equipment you'll be working with and it will come with internet facilities. You'll also be given a start-up bonus (supplies etc.) for this job which will be included in the funds you will receive for the equipment.

Every instruction will be given to you on what to do with the equipment immediately you receive them, here is the list of the equipment that will be shipped for work purpose;

The Following would be shipped to you by my agent to facilitate your
work & duties with me
* HP business machine Notebook Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPUT2330
@1.60GHz 1.60GHz
* Portable All-in-one Printer, Scanner & Fax machine
* Laptop hard-case
* Kasper sky Internet Security application installed on the Laptop

I will also provide you with the funds to handle the shipping cost of the above equipment to you so you don't have to use your personal funds. Working for me with the provided equipment is very necessary
because there is a wide range of software installed on the system to protect data, enhance ease duty, as well as speed and accuracy of any work you're doing on it. The special features also calculates the
number of hours you work daily so that I can ascertain the bonuses that will be given to you at the end of every month.

Please provide answers to the following schedule.
1. How many hours are you willing to Work per day?
2. What time range? If you wish to work more than 5 Hours per Day,
then let me know.
3. Payroll Interval? ( Weekly or Bi-weekly )

IMPORTANT : Kindly provide your Name, address & phone # for payroll
purpose and your start-up bonus.


I will be awaiting for your prompt response, I look forward to a great
working relationship with you.

Allen Charles
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Thank you . For posting additional information on this Money Mule Scam . Someone will look into it .

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