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#4109 by Ralph Tue Jul 15, 2008 9:19 am
I posted about a pet scammer recently who is now attempting a check scam, the email may come from [email protected] but dont be surprised if you recieve it from a different email address.

The house that is being offered will have a problem, most likely somebody else has already moved into the house but of course somebody else to cash checks will not be a problem for a check scammer.

The cheques are fake and the house is not owned by the person who has contacted you, its a scam designed to steal your money.

My name is michelle gibson.I am 36 years old and i am an European,i saw your ad atcraigslist.

I come to thestates often mostly for business purposes Because i deal
mostly in jewelry. I supply watches,bracelets,wedding rings and jewelry to stores in the states and europe ..Infact that is my family business cos we are from Switzerland. I bought a house last year in the states here cos i love it there .It is peaceful and with a loving neighborhood. Unfortunately my father passed
away on the 30th of May 2007 and as the first and
only son in my family i have to go and take
care of the family business back in Geneva,Switzerland and
i realised that it will be very difficult to supply
goods to my clients again here in the states while
am away and it will definitely cost me a lot to come
over to receive payments cos they pay mostly in checks
and money orders .So to run the business from there it
will be difficult and will be impossible especially
the aspect of payment and i dont also want to lose my
clients or customers there . So what i intend doing is
that i am looking for some one to stay at my house
free of charge . I dont want to sell the house cos i
just bought it and i will have all the rest papers by
January but i have ALL the keys now. I am simply
looking for someone that is honest and trustworthy and
clean for two reasons 1. to maintain the house when i
am away and 2. To help me receive payments from my
clients within the states on my behalf in his/her name
and have it cashed cos they pay mostly checks and
money orders and have the funds wired to me throught western
union transfer . you dont have to pay me a dimme for
the accommodation. its just for the purpose of keeping
my business going on in the United state.and if you
wanna keep this assignment as a job let me know so i
can allocate 10% on each payment that you receive if
at all you dont wanna live in the house or if you are
far from the house.You can check the pics
through this
The house is a great one with clean bathrooms,walk in
closet,A gym ,All rooms and living room furnished with
electronics .i will send the keys to you via courier
so you can go and see the house. It is a very lovely
house and there is no way you wont like it.But If you
are not interested in the house for some personal
reasons but only the job please let me know. Thanks
and hope to hear from you soon.

For reference, this is what I posted in the pet scams section of this site

Here we have a person who is going to give away her beloved dog to a good home, the dog is healthy and vacinated and just requires somebody to love and care for it
Problem is that the dog does not exist, it is an attempt to play at the heart strings of animal lovers and the intention is to steal your money.

You will no doubt need to pay for travelling expenses, quarantine, taxes and a range of other fees before recieving the dog, of course, no matter how many fees you pay, the dog will never turn up. Dont send your money, go and visit your local pound if you truely want to help a dog in need

This email came from [email protected] Michelle is actually an African man who also attempts love scams using the email address [email protected] , please dont be his next victim

Dear Brother and Sister in the Lord My name is Sis michelle , I just
came about your email address through an email surfing Affiliated with the
US chamber of commerce,Am having a little problem which i will like to
share with you.I am from Sisters of St Benedict cathedral am on a christian mission
out of the country and i came along with my female Yorkie terrier
puppy. After a while i notice that the weather here is not good for the
puppy and i have not been able to take care of her the way i do because of
my pastoral job. She is akc _teacup home raised vaccines and health
guarantee.. all i need is someone that is capable of adopting her and take care
of her the way i always do so if you feel you can take care of this little
angel for me please do send a reply back to me and i will email you her
picture I hope to read from you.
Remain Blessed

Sis michelle gibson

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