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Greetings ,

We provide sustainable, long-term financing for our customers in both
the private and public sectors on competitive market terms. Our loan
products include corporate and sovereign loans, loans to
municipalities, loan programs, investments in green bonds, project &
structure finance, and lending outside the member countries.

UK Gulf Investment International Holding Company. executes public &
private offerings, mergers and acquisitions, and initial public
offerings. These can take either the form of investment in start-up
companies, greenfield projects, or direct investments in existing
companies. This activity is concerned about grabbing investment
opportunities in international financial markets then studying and
evaluating them, in addition to contributing to them directly for the
benefit of the company and customers through a specified investment
strategy seeking to achieve an awarding profit and at the same time
with a previously determined policy.

In brief, our criteria are as follows;

Model - Debt Financing
1. Loan Range: - Our minimum loan amount is U$1,000,000 and a Maximum
amount of U$750,000,000. Both depend on the borrower’s repayment
capacity assessed based on verifiable business inventory and other
2. Interest rate: - 2.5% Per Annually, depending on the loan amount.
However, it is very competitive.
3. Term: - 4 to 20 years
4. Grace Period: - 1 to 2 years
5. Collateral: Insurance Guarantee Bond/Surety Bond.

Also, we pay a 1% commission to Intermediaries/Consultants/Brokers who
introduce project owners for finance or other opportunities.

Kindly provide us with well-detailed information which you consider
important that we need to know preferably a business plan or an
executive summary, if you do not have a business plan at the moment
feel free to write a business overview for proper study, verification,
and approval.

Your response is most anticipated if this is of interest to you.

Kind regards,

Martin Bruno

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