Advance fee loan scams and fraudulent loan sites.
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another scam, still in the list of others but:

First, I want to thank you for taking out time out of your busy time to read through the information previously sent to you, I truly appreciate the fact that you are ready and willing to assist me in executing this project. I have exhaustively considered your response today and I am satisfied that you have an understanding of the need for absolute secrecy in this pending project, hence my firm belief that I can count on your total support and confidentiality. I know we have not met before, but I am very confident that we will be able to establish the necessary trust that we need to execute this project. I would proceed without any reservation to bring you into the complete picture of this transaction. Before doing this, I would again like to reiterate the importance of confidentiality, as I am career banker who is still in active service and would not like my names to be brought to odium or my long tenure in office jeopardized.

I am only searching for a God fearing and reliable partner for the purpose of this transaction; I have contacted you personally not as a matter of choice but of necessity knowing fully well, the monetary policies as regards funds transfer especially after the event of September 11, 2001 in America. I will be fully conscious in the pursuit of this project to make sure that we do not go against any local or international laws of funds transfer. You must understand that I am a family man and presently still serving here in STOREBRAND ASA. Before we proceed, I will be very transparent in this deal and if you feel you cannot continue after this email kindly let me know with reason.


By providing me with your identification and signing the LOA FORM, the attorney should be able to put together all documentation in your name to prove to my bank and the authority that you are the beneficiary investor to the fund. As soon as all these are done and ratification exercise has taken place, I will make a lot of under the table arrangement here; The attorney will apply for the release of the fund as soon as he has concluded with the legal. Every expense (documentations, Lawyer, Court etc.) this transaction/project will incure here will be my full responsibility.

So far, bringing this project to this present stage has cost me some fortune and I am yet to complete the necessary Under Table-Work and files exchange just because I haven’t found a Partner whose assistance is of vital need now, the same reason that prompted me to make contact with you.

Your feudatory/major obligation in this deal is to Set-Up/Open AN OFFSHORE ONLINE CLASSIFIED ACCOUNT oversea due to the policy of my bank for all our major investors. You will have to open up a separate (offshore) classified bank account in your name at any of our corresponding/affiliated Banks overseas (that has same coordinate as my Bank) and you alone have to be the signatory. This affiliated bank will serve as an intermediary between your bank and my bank (Storebrand ASA). The aim of the intermediary [offshore] bank is to receive the entire funds from my Bank (in your account you will open with them) without raising “RED FLAG” and from there you can have the entire funds transferred BIT BY BIT into any of your person/local bank account in your Country. With this arrangement, we are completely safe and the funds cannot be traced nor raise RED-FLAG.

I have attached along with this e-mail, a Letter Of Acceptance Form ( LOA) for your indulgence, which you are to fill and sign, then scan and send it as an attachment via E-mail or to my fax: +4723962691, so that the Attorney that will be representing your interest over here can commence his due diligence legal formalities that will facilitate the release of the fund from my bank.

If you really intend to execute this transaction with me it would be necessary to have these sent to me immediately via e-mail attachment or fax +4723962691.

Harald Hauge

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he now is using [email protected]
Harald Hauge <[email protected]>

It's a pleasure to have your contact! I would like to solicit your partnership in a business (financial transaction) with great mutual financial benefits. The idea is interesting and the benefits are attractive; I will send you the proposal/suggestion for your kind review and consideration in my next email as soon as I have read from you.

Best Regards
Harald Hauge
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