Advance fee loan scams and fraudulent loan sites.
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Susan Muller is at it again using Telesure Investment Holdings brands names, in this case, Dial Direct's name.

Please be aware!!!

Inserts from her emails and flyers:

Welcome To Dial Direct Financial Loan Service
Dial Direct Loan SA offer you Debts Consolidation for your peace of mind at a fixed interest rate of 4.75%,personal and business loans are also welcome.
For details open enclosed documents and file in your applications by sending via email.
Yours in Service,
**Susan Muller (Mrs.)
Senior Consultant,
Loan Application Team
Dial Direct Loan SA

Dear Esteemed Customer,
Dial Direct is an authorized financial services provider (FSP license number: 15259) and it provides LOANS to
individuals, businesses, farmers and cooperate bodies/entities that help drives their daily financial needs in the
midst of the current bad economic times.
Dial Direct is made to assist both individuals and businesses with a cash injection which help an awful lot with:
paying for school fees, beginning those much-needed renovations, kick-starting your dream business – anything you
can imagine.
Dial Direct is committed to providing personal loans, Business Loans, Car Loans, Home loan, Agricultural Loans and
debt consolidation loans for only 4.75% per annum.
Dial Direct Loans includes our Personal Protection Plan, which settles your outstanding loan balance in the event of
your death, permanent/temporary disability or certain dread diseases.
Benefits of Loa n
1. You choose the amount, from R5 000 up to R50 000 000 and your repayment term, from 6 months
up to 20 years.
2. You get fixed interest rates and fixed repayments to protect you against interest rate fluctuations.
3. Our loan application process is strictly online and completed with Loan in your bank account with 24 hours.
How Do I Know If I Qualify For Loan?
1. You must be permanently employed/Self-employed or employed under a fixed term contract.
2. You must earn a minimum net salary of R 3,000 a month.
Loan Repayment Schedule
R20,000 2 R 875.19 R20,000 3 R 597.18 R20,000 5 R 375.14
R50,000 2 R 2,187.98 R50,000 3 R 1,492.94 R50,000 5 R 937.85
R100,000 3 R 2,985.88 R100,000 4 R 2,291.62 R100,000 6 R 1,598.92
R150,000 3 R 4,478.82 R150,000 5 R 2,813.54 R150,000 7 R 2,102.51
R300,000 4 R 6,874.87 R300,000 6 R 4,796.77 R300,000 8 R 3,762.37
R400,000 5 R 7,502.76 R400,000 7 R 5,606.69 R400,000 9 R 4,558.82
R600,000 6 R 9,593.53 R600,000 8 R 7,524.74 R600,000 10 R 6,290.86
R800,000 7 R11,213.39 R800,000 9 R 9,117.64 R800,000 11 R 7,792.92
R1,000,000 8 R12,541.24 R1,000,000 10 R10,484.77 R1,000,000 12 R 9,123.99
Businesses or Individuals interested to apply must forward the required information; Full Names, ID Number,
Residential/address, Occupation, Monthly Income and Contact telephone numbers to:
[email protected] or you can also call +27717231056 for more enquiries.
Susan Muller (Mrs.)
Senior Loan Manager

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