Advance fee loan scams and fraudulent loan sites.
#384793 by boerdygc Mon Apr 29, 2019 6:35 am
Dear XXX,

Thank you for your email, which is well noted. The valid document to be used between us is the JV Agreement which I have signed.

That is the document that will be notarized by you in accordance with the Lawyer’s advice.

The attached draft investment agreement that was sent to you is the document that was provided by the bank which will be signed between you and the bank representative. The bank representative will register the document at the US Embassy based on the instruction of the US Treasury Department and the cost by the bank to handle such is $7,500USD and it is in USD, not Euro; this is for the signing off fee and the registration of the document with the US Embassy.

It is not an attestation of signature as you think; it is an arrangement for the approval of the fund. It will be giving to the bank representative on his arrival to your country after the signing of the Investment loan agreement.

The loan agreement becomes invalid immediately the fund is confirmed in your account; it was designed by the bank to use this in moving the fund out of United States to your account to avoid questioning and tasks that may occur.

This is not the first time this arrangement is being used and it is 100% guaranteed that the fund will be released to your account once the compliance is followed and fulfilled by your bank.

I wait for your final response.

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