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#385127 by WPX Sun May 05, 2019 8:36 am
From: "Dr. Raymond C. Obieri" <[email protected]>
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Email Title: Debt Payment

Re:Fund Transfer Notification.

How are you doing.
We have been trying to reach you but keep having failure delivery.
The Management instructed me to contact you again regarding the approval for your payment of your debt.
With available forensic investigation report before us regarding your debt,your debt file was review due to numerous application interventions and attempts wire transfer of your funds that failed.
Debt Management office United Kingdom has gazetted the consolidation transfer sum of US$10,700,000.00 as assigned to you hence this message.
Sincerely hope our offshore Bank official has contacted you in this regards about the status transfer of your Debt/fund ???

Kindly confirm the receipt of this message with your current data to enable us monitor the transfer from here to avoid wrong claims.

Sincerely hope and believe that we are working to protect your integrity and your fund from diversion. I am waiting for your full feedback before the close of work today.
Thanks for your Patronage.
God Bless and protect you
Dr. Raymond C. Obieri (Director of Operation)

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