Advance fee loan scams and fraudulent loan sites.
#400730 by mtan7333 Fri Nov 22, 2019 2:56 pm
We don't charge "upfront fees". The only fee you pay is your fee which is the LAF. This helps the money to your Reflect in your country for pick up . This is because our loans we give out don't need Collateral because of our large security base( bank) and our support from the AIICO monetary security in CA. And for the loan amount of $1,000,000.00 to be transferred to you, if you can remit this charges for the transfer of your loan amount into your account the funds will be transferred to you with no further delay and it will only take 48hours for the funds to reflect in your COUNTRY FOR PICKUP after effect of transfer by my bank once the cost of transfer is remitted by you. Try and make this payment as soon as you can so that you can have the funds transferred into your COUNTRY FOR PICK UP.

According to the Law Enforcement Code(2011/wxsaa/LICX.REG774) that is bound in this transaction, The LAF (Loan Application Fees) is the only fee which you are to send before getting your loan funds transfer to you. LAF (Loan Application Fees) covers the following

{1}. Cost of Transfer (C.O.T) ......$50.00
{2} Insurances Of The Loan........$700.00
{3} Registrations Of Your Loan ...$100.00

Total Amount for the LAF ...........$850.00

PROOF THIS COMPANY SCAM: is a fake website and 100%. They cloned FCA license. i received confirmation from FCA regarding this company.
"I viewed the firm's entry on our Financial Services Register which shows the firms that we authorise and the activities they carry out. Based on what I saw on their entry, you may be dealing with what we call a 'cloned firm'.

A cloned firm is fraudulent, and they use information that's publicly available (like our Register) to make it seem that they're the genuine firm. The reason I believe you're dealing with a cloned firm is because the firm that we've authorised generally uses its permissions to deal with professional clients and eligible counterparties (this is usually dealing with other businesses). The genuine firm also has permissions to carry out investment activity, and doesn't hold any permissions to provide credit such as a personal loan. Finally, when a consumer takes out a loan in the UK, most firms will recover any fees and charges (or interest) over the term of the loan and not require consumers to pay a fee up front to get the loan."

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