Advance fee loan scams and fraudulent loan sites.
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We are private Money Lender, interested in funding good business plans. We render Construction Loans, 100% JV Equity,Low Income Housing, Large-Scale Debt, Small Balance, DIP(Debtor in Possession), Apt. Equity Participation, Non Recourse for Multi Family & Assisted Living, Commercial Bridge Loans/Hard Money Loans, Mezzanine Programs, Income Producing Property, Commercial Land Development Loans, Stock Loans as well as seed capital at 3% annually with a maximum duration of 30 years.Our loan ranges started from $5,000-USD (Five Thousand US dollars) to $20, 000,000.00. twenty Million US dollars). We also lend in USA DOLLARS EURO and POUNDS !!If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us with the following loan application form below:

Your Full names:
Contact address:
Country Of Residence:
Loan Amount Required:
Monthly Income:
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Telephone Number:
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