Advance fee loan scams and fraudulent loan sites.
#422457 by Basil Brush Tue Jan 19, 2021 10:48 am
From: Williams Moore <[email protected]>
WhatsApp: +4479033991202
Date: 19 Jan 2021, 00:39

Dear Sir/Madam

I am a financial consultant registered with the UK/TURKEY based
Investment Company FAC LTD, and wish you to take part in the Company’s
funding Scheme through FAC LTD Turkey. The FAC are offering long term
conventional loan to companies and individuals seeking project funding
from a minimum of Euro / US$1 Million to Euro-US$5 Billion Max.


Chief Investment Analyst
Isiqalo Consulting Company
reply via [email protected]
or WhatsApp: +4479033991202

Every message posted belongs to a criminal. Do not reply to these criminals using any real life details and do not tell them they are posted here; if you do, it will take them seconds to change their details so that any new victims will never find them.

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