Advance fee loan scams and fraudulent loan sites.
#19981 by falnsb Mon Jan 11, 2010 7:11 pm
Good Day,

I am a private investor i give out secured guarantee loans to Business Men and
women who are into Business transaction,automobile purchase, house purchase
loan and their personal loans E.T.C. we give out long term loan for five to
fifty years maximum with 5% interest rate in this you can as well tell us the
amount you need so that we will send to you the terms and condition that is if
you are really interested in getting a loan from us, Loans are given out in
United States Dollar the maximum I give is $300,000,000 US and the minimum
$1,000 US.Email [email protected]
*Home Loan
*Auto Loan
*Mortgage Loan
*Business Loan
*International Loan
*Personal Loan
I also render Collateral And Non- Collateral Loans For Your Business Startup.
If you are interested you Fill out the application details below so that we can
start the processing of your loan sum.
Email [email protected]
First Name:_________________________ __
Last Name:_________________________ ___
Gender:_______________________ ________
Marital status:_______________________
Contact Address:______________________
City/Zip code:________________________
Country:______________________ ________
Date of Birth:________________________
Amount Needed as Loan:________________
Loan Duration:_____________________ ___
Monthly Income/Yearly Income:_________
Occupation:___________________ ________
Purpose for Loan:_____________________
House Phone:________________________ ________
Cell Phone:________________________ ________
Fax:__________________________ ________
In acknowledgment to these details, I will send you a well calculated Terms and
Condition which will include the agreement.
Furthermore be informed that you will also need a form of Identification which
can be either a Driver's License or your working Identity card.
Mr Brown Thomas

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