Scams selling or giving away non-existent animals, often Puppy Scams.
#324568 by Mike Wilson Thu Apr 06, 2017 7:46 pm
"STEVEN PAUL" <[email protected]>

Thank you so much for your reply and answers to my questions, I am so
happy to know that you are willing to re-home our puppy. I am happy
with the comforting words of your Email , it makes me feel comfortable
to send my puppy to your home hoping that you will offer the best home
for the puppy. Spark is a puppy with very great potentials the
Shipping cost $200 for him
The puppy comes along with the following papers:

# Health Certificate.
# 1 year health guarantee
# Complete medical record
# Crate
# Playing toys
# A Puppy kit starter.
# And a hand guide that will help you on basics of taking good care of the puppy

If this is okay by you, then all i need is your complete delivery
information which i shall use to establish the paper works ,transfer
of ownership , sales certificate and also book for same day delivery
at the courier service

Your full names................
Full home address.............
Postal/zip code................
Contact numbers................

Which of the puppies actually do you need please
We located in Texas

Once i received your complete shipping information, i will send you my
bank details for you to make the payment so that i will be able to
complete the transfer ownership , adoption papers and other documents
to your name and also pay for the shipping fee of your puppy at the
courier service. This process can take me about 2-3 hours after which
the courier service will contact you with the full flight tracking
number so that you will know the departure time from here and schedule
time of arrival at your location airport as well as home delivery time
because you will need to be at home to sign the papers and collect the

Associated fake pet shipping company.
Supreme Shippers
530 Brock Bridge Rd, Laurel, MD 20724
(410) 417 8620
[email protected]


<[email protected]>

Dear Receiver
Accept greeting from the Entire Staff of Instant Pet Carriers Delivery , We wish to inform you that, your puppy is now ready to take a Flight to your location today.

The puppy has now been checked at the Pets quarantine Department and all the registrations papers, health certificates and passport are correct .

Due to the poor weather conditions we are facing now, you are required to Rent (Hire) a different crate for the safe delivery of your puppy....

Reasons for a change of Crate !!

1: The Delivery crate of the puppy have to be changed from a Ventilated crate to an Electronic Thermal Crate . The ventilated crate does not contain potty pet space , water bowl and food cane .

2: The crate is too small for the relaxation of the puppy on the flight . Due to the above reason, the crate has to be change from a ventilated crate to an Electronic Thermal Crate.

3: We are experiencing an unfavorable weather condition (WINTER) and transporting the puppy in the ventilated crate will be detrimental to the health of your puppy as places are very cold

4: We need a Thermal Electronic crate during this period of shipping because it has a TEMPERATURE REGULATOR ( HEATER ) which will be regulated according to your puppy's body temperament there by maintaining a constant body temperature

From the above reasons, the puppy can not be transported in the original crate. The crate has to be changed and we have to use but an Electronic Thermal crate to ensure the safety of the pets on the flight to your location. We have these crates in our agency in different varieties and PD
(power drive ). Here are the various available Electronic Thermal crates listed below:

Thermal Electronic crate 0150 PD-------------$1700
*Thermal Electronic crate 088 PD ------------$1200
Thermal Electronic crate 024 PD -------------$1500

We do not sell the crate to our customers but we offer them for a hire or rental terms to safeguards your puppy on flight. The money paid for the rental of the crate will be 95% Fully Refunded Back to you by the delivery agent who will come to deliver your puppy at your address. Since the sender of your puppy sent them using a ventilated crate, when you will be picking up the puppy at the airport or if the delivery agent will be doing the delivery at your address, he/she will come along with the Ventilated crate, to do the changes and have your money paid back. We requested that you make a choice from the above list of crates and choose the type of crate you will like your puppy to travel in, for safety.


Thermal Electronic crate 088 PD--------$1200

Note: The higher the PD, the more safety and guarantee the Puppy have on the flight.

All payment will be done using our cashier's information by Western Union will be provided to you

NOTE : Once the puppy arrive your home, the total amount of $1150 will be refunded back to you

Thanks for using our services
Your satisfaction is our top priority

It is ALWAYS a scam
If the pet seller or shipper asks for money to be sent via Western Union, Money Gram, any brand of gift card. Walmart To Walmart , Zelle or mentions Cameroon

mikeawilsons @

#324682 by Mrtoxic Sat Apr 08, 2017 3:01 am
Hello thanks for your interest in wanting to offer a new home for our
cut puppies. These are the available males and females which are
ready for their new forever home. We can not demand more, other than a
beautiful and caring family that will take very good care of this
puppies. What a Perfect gift to your family and love ones ! They are
going to make your kids so Happy. Acting so cute! Full of kisses.
Excellent dispositions, very loving, completely socialized, groom
trained, crate trained, pooch pad trained, doggy door trained and
house trained and up to date on shots

*Name : DOLLY*
*Breed: French Bulldog*
*Sex : Female*
*Age: 11 weeks*
*Price : $450*
*tiny button eyes and a tiny little button nose, this little girl is
unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!! going to be in the 14lbs pound range full
elegance to the max. French Bulldog. Another super gorgeous, super
stunning, female French Bulldog only 5lbs ounces at 12wks.
baby doll face, short compact body, she fits in your shirt pocket!
Fabulous coat, beautiful black and gold markings. Exceptional female
Exceptional personality, exceptional in every way. Take me home she says.*

*Name : MAX*
*Breed : French Bulldog*
*Sex : Male*
*Age: 11 Weeks*
*Champion bloodlines: Yes*
*Price : **$450*
*AKC register Potty trained Micro chip health guarantee update on all shop
1 shot, be dewormed. As well as go home with a Toy, Collar, Sample
Of food Blanket and a Puppy Care Guide.*

*Name : RINA*
*Breed : French Bulldog*
*Sex : Female*
*Age : 11 Weeks*
*Champion bloodlines: No*
*Price : $450*
*AKC registered Potty trained Micro chip health guarantee update on all shop.
1 shot, be dewormed. As well as go home with a Toy, Collar, Sample
Of food Blanket and a Puppy Care Guide.*

*Name : NICK*
*Breed : French Bulldog*
*Sex : Male*
*Age : 11 Weeks*
*Champion bloodlines: No*
*Price : $450*
*AKC register Potty trained Micro chip health guarantee update on all shop.
3 to 4 shot, be dewormed. As well as go home with a Toy, Collar, Sample
Of food Blanket and a Puppy Care Guide.*

*Name : KESH*
*Breed : French Bulldog*
*Sex : Female*
*Age: 11 Weeks*
*Champion bloodlines : No*
*Price : $450*
* tiny micro "little spanky" wow wow 3.5lbs!! one of the tiniest,
little puppies ever, she has the best coat!!!shortest little legs, tiny
button eyes and a tiny little button nose, this little girl is
unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!! going to be in the /14 to 18 lbs pound range
full grown.*

*Name : SHINA*
*Breed : French Bulldog*
*Sex : Female*
*Age: 11 Weeks*
*Champion bloodlines : YES*
*What's included : Registered/registerable, Current vaccinations, Health
*Price : **$450
*Additional information: sexy traditional female with very tick colors. she is
such a sweetheart and loves to give kisses. she wags her long tail all the
time. she did not get her tail docked.*

*Name : SPARK*
*Breed : French Bulldog*
*Sex : Male*
*Age : 11 Weeks*
*Champion bloodlines : Yes*
*Show potential: Yes*
*Price : **$450
*What's included : Meet Spark our male French Bulldog! spark is charting to
be under 13to 18 lb!! He loves playing with people, especially
children and is
great with other pets. *

*name : SAM*
*Breed : French Bulldog*
*Sex : Male*
*Age : 11 Weeks*
*Champion bloodlines : Yes*
*Show potential: Yes*
*Price : $450*
*One in a million great pocket. Spectacular, beautiful, fabulous. Hard to
find better and tinier anywhere in the world!!! Call us for more
information on this amazing super adorable Frenchies *

*name : SHEBA*
*Breed : French Bulldog*
*Sex : Male*
*Age : 11 Weeks*
*Champion bloodlines : Yes*
*Show potential: Yes*
*Price : $450*
*This AKC long coat is a great boy, but he
is very Normal , and has a wonderful personality.

*name : MALISA*
*Breed : French Bulldog*
*Sex : Female*
*Age : 11 Weeks*
*Champion bloodlines : Yes*
*Show potential: Yes*
*Price : $450*
*She likes to keep her self away from the crowd but is also socialized.
She feels shy when carried and also likes Licking.

*name : DADA*
*Breed : French Bulldog*
*Sex : Male*
*Age : 11 Weeks*
*Champion bloodlines : Yes*
*Show potential: Yes*
*Price : $450*
*He is 11 weeks old and is charting to be about 14 pounds grown. He is
AKC registered and has nice bloodlines but is priced as a pet only
with limited registration and on spay contract.If full registration is
desired it

*name : NINA*
*Breed : French Bulldog*
*Sex : Female*
*Age : 11 Weeks*
*Champion bloodlines : Yes*
*Show potential: Yes*
*Price : $450*
*Registered/registerable, Current vaccinations, Veterinarian
examination, Health certificate, Health guarantee Additional
information:Cher is a beautiful black fawn brindled baby girl. She is
a long coat, charting to be right around 14 to 18lbs. at

*name : SMITH*
*Breed : French Bulldog*
*Sex : Male*
*Age : 11 Weeks*
*Champion bloodlines : Yes*
*Show potential: Yes*
*Price : $450*
*he is socialized with other house hold pets especially Dogs.
he likes to be carried a lot and be spoiled.
he likes to be kissed and likes Licking your legs.going to be in the
/15to 20libs pound range full grown.*

Go here and see them
We would like to take this opportunity to ask a few question to be sure of
their next family.

Where are you located?
Do you have a near by vet clinic in your area ?
We will appreciate your contact number ?
We are sorry for the questions, its just that we prefer a caring
family, as the answers would help us to know if your home would be the
best place for her as all we need is just a new loving and caring home
for the puppy

Adorable Frenchies
Phone number (940) 242-1192
Email [email protected]
#324760 by Mrtoxic Sun Apr 09, 2017 6:01 am
Nothing to worry about here

Hello sir i want to first of all let you know i am a Christian i have got Family and kids and all i want is long Business Relationship with you i am I'm very sorry to hear you sound skeptic about the whole issue
you should have faith in your self because in the book of
James.2:26….Faith without works is dead, Proverbs 21:2King James
Version (KJV) THE LOARD ALSO SAID "Every way of a man is right in his
own eyes: but the LORD pondereth the hearts”. It seems that you are
thinking that I wanted to take your money for what is not real, or I'm
trying to take advantages over you and your money.
When I know how you
people work very hard to make ends meet, so I will never think about
taking your money for what is not real. Is but normal to sound skeptic
about the payments as in sending money over to me to go take care of
things regarding the shipping as well as home delivery of the pup over
Currently our accounts are under Balancing and auditing so we do Wire transfer
only ok
#328517 by Mike Wilson Fri May 19, 2017 12:53 pm
[email protected]



The Insurance Department of our service wishes to bring to your knowledge, that after the check up prior to delivery of your horse, we discovered not all rules and regulations were met for the horse to be transported and delivered. Full details on this follow in the subsequent paragraphs.

1. Following the International Animal Transportation Association (IATA) ' Rules and Regulations on Pets and Animals Transportation on section 12 sub paragraph 2, "...the life of all animals being commercially transported from One State to another throughout United State and out of United State must be fully Insured by the insurance department of the company in charge of the flight and delivery at the State of Origin against any unforeseen eventualities".

2. Following a compromise between the United State Aviation Complaint Commission and the Financial Commission of the INTERNATIONAL ANIMAL TRANSPORTATION BOARD (IATA) , it was concluded that---------the life of all pets being COMMERCIALLY transported throughout the U.S and out of U.S, Should be insured and this insurance fee should vary from one animal to another depending on Financial Value of the Animal".------

3. We also wish to let you know, according to the United State Price Determination Commission, the financial value of any American Quarter horse is $15000 .


From the above, the Life Insurance fee you were supposed to pay for your horse is $1500 and your horse can commercially and privately travel through its life time through U.S and out of U.S, with no restrictions.

Due to a good number of complaints by clients to the INTERNATIONAL ANIMAL TRANSPORTATION BOARD (IATA) about this Insurance Scheme, the Management of International Animal transportation board in collaboration with the U.S Financial commission, we came out with a Partial Refundable Animal Life Insurance Scheme, which provides for the following:

* You could use our Partial Insurance Scheme to Insure your horse's Life for 1/10 the cost of the full Insurance fund (financial value).

* After the insurance fee is paid, the company in charge of the delivery of the animals, must provide a fully refundable receipt to be signed by the customer, which will entitle the client to a full refunds of the money paid for insurance cash upon delivery.

*The insurance fee paid by the client, must be fully refunded cash upon delivery of horse or any other method deemed suitable by the client, but this should take a maximum of 24 hours.

*If anything should happen to the horse during delivery after this insurance fees have been paid for, the company shall be fully responsible for all expenses and extra compensation and the company shall stand a chance of being taking legally to court by the customer in question.

From the above rules and regulations, we come to a conclusion that the delivery cannot proceed except the fully refundable insurance fee is paid. This extra is because Quarter horses need more care and quality feeding than other animals ..

* This means you will have to pay the sum of $1500 which is 1/10 the initial value for your horse,of which $1400 will be refunded to you when your horse is delivered to you at your home address by our agent, In-charge of the delivery to you at your barn address details which we have registered.So we are expecting the sum of $1500 from you in which $1400 will be refunded to you ( in cash or any other method of payment you prefer) including extra charges.When this horse is delivered to you at your address registered in our database.

As soon as you go through this we do expect you to go and make a payment of $1500 and get back to us with the Reference numbers as soon as possible.

You are expected to make payment via Western Union or Money gram and send the Reference numbers to us as soon as possible.Once you get that done you are to e-mail the full payment details to us for confirmation, after confirmation we shall issue you a receipt which entitles you to $1400 when your horse is delivered, you will have to print, sign and scan this receipt then send to us immediately and also keep a copy as a record and authorization for you to collect your money back when the horse is delivered at your Barn Address .

You are expected to go now and get the Western Union Or Money gram transfer as soon as possible so we can proceed with the delivery to your Home address this Morning.
My names : Maurice Karim
City ......Colombus

We hereby apologize if this has caused any minor complications, but still remind you that everything we do is to ensure the safety of your Horse.
We count on your understanding and prompt action.

( Go to our website " to track the current status of your delivery using the tracking Code below

It is ALWAYS a scam
If the pet seller or shipper asks for money to be sent via Western Union, Money Gram, any brand of gift card. Walmart To Walmart , Zelle or mentions Cameroon

mikeawilsons @

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