Scams selling or giving away non-existent animals, often Puppy Scams.
#411574 by Mpkirkland76 Thu Jun 04, 2020 10:46 pm

Relative fell for it this time to the tune of $900.

It seems like these scam artists are still at it but with a different domain name. It appears they have also written a book on how to care for and breed your Maltipoo! They now use and the guy goes by the name James Grant. He has a heavy Hispanic accent and uses it to his advantage. The email they are currently using is [email protected]. The primary phone number listed on their sales contract and which they use for all inquiries is 205-498-2953. They have now switched over to using "cash app" and/or "zelle" as their primary means of payment. When submitting payment to their zelle account they ask you to use the email [email protected].

They posted classifieds ads with the website link in a few major cities newspapers such as the Raleigh NC newsobserver.

I submitted and inquiry via their website and received a prompt response. I expressed interest in one of the specific maltipoo puppies and asked a few questions. I received a response from "James" with the answers to my questions along with directions on how to proceed. He sent me the sales contract with the previously mentioned 205-498-2953 phone number. I told him I had issues getting money to upload to the Cash App and would need an alternative. I stated we could pay in cash or via two money orders, one up front and the other upon pickup. He was very responsive and would state that he needed to talk to his wife to see if there was an alternative payment method she would accept. He would promptly call back and state that they used Cash App and no other perspective buyers were having any issue. He also stated they preferred Cash App because it consolidated their end of year 1099 tax information and was quit a bit cheaper for them to use than zelle.

There were numerous red flags one could've seen if they had known how to look. If you check the "whois" data on their website you will see if was created on 2020-05-26 09:34:24 UTC. The contact data for their website is tel:+1.6613102107 which resolves to a "whois guard". The address they sent in the sales contract of 2901 Hunter Ridge Dr (CT), Birmingham, AL 35235 was also to be the pickup location.

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