Scams selling or giving away non-existent animals, often Puppy Scams.
#335952 by Mike Wilson Sat Aug 05, 2017 9:04 pm

Fake puppy site

Call (216) 600-2025 or
e-mail [email protected]

Please post any emails from this scam after removing your personal information.

The website is in the process of being reported for fraud.

It is ALWAYS a scam
If the pet seller or shipper asks for money to be sent via Western Union, Money Gram, any brand of gift card. Walmart To Walmart , Zelle or mentions Cameroon

mikeawilsons @

#338349 by Idespisescammers Sun Sep 03, 2017 4:23 pm
Thanks for the interest.We still have Benny the male Cavapoo Puppy
Available.He is full-blooded,AKC registered,vet check, updated in all
trained, good associate with kids and other house hold pets especially
cats/Monkeys, All my babies comes along side with USDA papers.I have
Reference with Customers to ship my babies to other states in US and to
Canada.The can be a discount if you are buying more than one puppy. Pickup
is also for customers who wish to come pickup their puppy and also we
offer free shipping within 7 days.We are located in *Cleveland OH* where
the baby will be flown/ship from to you.He will cost $680 usd, which is for the
puppy,all paper works and the $680 includes everything and that
is all you will have to pay and nothing more Below is his information.

Adult weight range: 7-8lbs
Age: 10 Weeks
-He is house Trained
-He don't bark a lot.
-He eat 2 times daily and at afternoons he drink Milk .
-He is socialized with kids and other house hold pets .
-He is current with all shots till date
-likes to be carried a lot and be spoiled.
-likes to be kissed

What you get with our puppy:
They have the following health documents and accessories:
-Health guarantee
-Vaccination records
-De wormed record
-Microchip-ed registration
-Pedigree registration
-Nutritional manual
-traveling crates
-playing toys
-chewing toys

Please if you really want to have this puppy then you have to answer some
questions for me.

1)How soon do you need the puppies?
2) Have you ever had a puppy in your entire life ?
3) Are you a breeder ?
4) Do you have any veterinarian around your location ?
5) If the puppy destroy some thing worth $100 what will be your reaction ?
7) If the puppy is seriously sick and the doctor's record says he
will not get well again will you carry out euthanasia ?
good care of the puppy.

Please just get back to me with the answer to my question.Below are
attachment of Benny the male Cavapoo puppy pictures hope you like them
#338350 by Idespisescammers Sun Sep 03, 2017 4:26 pm
Hi , thanks for your response.
If you had read my previous mail, i said we are offering a 7 days 50%
discount of which that is why our prices are low.
The puppies are so friendly with kids, adults and other house hold
pets.we are mostly interested in getting approved homes and not
letting them going just for the sake of $$$ ok. I am really glad that
the baby will be coming into a pet loving home, in that case he will
never be lonely.he eat most of the food that you will prepare home,
however,he will be coming along with a HANDBOOK menu where you can
turn to anytime you need help on.

We are located at Cleveland.OH so we would have to ship the puppy to
you safely even to major airports, we can still ship without a
problem.and it's will take just 5-6 hours for the puppy to be ship
over to your location.I will be shipping the baby using United Air
Cargo because that is the only shipping agency here in my location
that handle animal transportation with care.They are the best and they
will handle the shipping very well okay.You will have to send money
directly to me via WESTERN UNION Money Transfer because i will need
part of the money to do the transfer of ownership papers after which i
will take the baby to the shipping agency and get everything arrange
and get him a flight ticket to your location and they shipping agency
will email you with all the flight information and tracking number of
the baby once i have done everything at the airport okay. i will need
your shipping information so that as soon as you send the money i will
get the transfer of ownership paper and take the baby to the airport
and Register him under your name and address and get a flight ticket
to your location .I need your shipping information as follows

Flight/Shipping information.
Full Names:
Zip Code:
Phone Number:
Nearest Airport to you:
House Address:(If you will need puppy to be deliver at your home)

Once we receive the above information from you, we will now get back
to you with details and how to make payments for your puppy. We will
keep you updated with every information once we get the puppy flown
over to you.The pet care department of the shipping airline will take
good care of your puppy during shipping regarding feeding and health

You are a pet lover right? It pricks our conscience so much when a pet is
left alone so remember to always keep the puppy company.
We are God fearing and we are just so happy to let you have one of our
puppy we have your full trust to ship to you our puppy when we haven't met
before. We are expecting to read from you again.
Stay blessed and have a nice day.

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