Scams selling or giving away non-existent animals, often Puppy Scams.
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Greetings from our family and thanks for your time to contact regarding the puppies.

Happy to let you know the puppy, Elsa is still available. Presently 09 weeks old, well socialized, friendly, great with kids and other pets, vet checked, doing impressively well with all basic obedience/behavioral training, house training too which includes crate and potty training. Has great hunting potentials inherited from the parents, full capability of becoming a companion, therapy or service dog.

The puppy is ready for new a home now.

Puppy comes dewormed, microchipped(optional), health papers, AKC registration papers, vet reports, toys, basic training manual, small crate, collar, leash and food samples.

We offer 100% safe, secured and guaranteed shipping from our home here in Fort Worth, TX.

Having two free shipping coupons at the moment, we are giving the puppies for 500 USD each. You can opt for the optional $50 home delivery charge or you pick up in person at your nearest airport upon arrival.

Please do understand our puppies are not actually "cheap" as compared to some commercialized breeders, but rather "affordable", mainly because of the free shipping being offered at the moment. We'll normally sell for $750-950 with shipping, but since we we still have 2 free shipping coupons left, buyers can take advantage and save on the shipping money.

The puppies are generally shipped via airplane, with ground delivery when appropriate/necessary.

Traveling by air, puppies come in a standard, comfortable crate. Estimated shipping time is typically 6-7 hours or less.

Puppies travel in the care of the flight crew members who take special care of them ensuring proper feeding and hydration.

Our puppies DO NOT travel as cargo and never sedated.

If you were to make a purchase while we still have free shipping coupons, you'll have to decide between Monday, Wednesday and Friday, these being the days our free coupons are eligible for use.

We give a discount if you want to buy more than one puppy, we can give you two puppies for $899.

With our Lay-Buy option, you can hold your puppy(ies) for only 50% down payment and pay the balance at your convenience within 30 days.

Puppy(ies) shall be delivered to you or picked up from our home solely upon completion of payment. However, we unconditionally issue refunds upon buyer request.

Your new puppy comes with;

=> Play Toys/Treats.

=> Full Lifetime Support.

=> Collar and Leash.

=> Blanket (great for taking home mom's smell).

=> Up to two weeks royal canine food supply

=> 90 days signed written money back Guarantee as well as health guarantee.

=> Up to date with shots and Vaccines

With our puppy’s safety and well being in mind, please kindly spare some time to answer the questions below if you don't mind, leaves us feeling even more confident it's a great new home.

- ,Your first experience with this breed ...........?

- You mind sharing brief summary about yourself and immediate environment (Home).....?

- Other pets at home?

- How soon will you be ready to make the purchase?

- Assuming you are ready to purchase now, How will you want to make your payment? Via Credit/Debit Card online? Wire transfer via Western Union, Walmart or MoneyGram?

Please email back to let confirm how soon you wish to purchase the puppy so we can proceed with paperwork/shipping arrangements.

We always schedule shipping accordingly so delivery can be done the same day we ship.

Shipping arrangements commence once full payment is received.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email back or call/sms us.

If you'll like us to call you at your convenience, please kindly let us know a good time to do so.

Awaiting your response.

Contents of the fake Health Guarantee

* G u a r d i a n R e t r i e v e r s *
7054 Platt Trail
Fort Worth, TX 76137
Ca ll/Sm s - 832 -356–4874
mailto: [email protected]

Health & Satisfaction Gaurentee.
Your new puppy comes with a one year health guarantee, vet checked, current vaccinations, and dewormed.
All of our puppies are guaranteed to be in good health and free from visible signs of infection and contagious or communicable diseases when purchased. We guarantee the puppy to be free of any life threatening congenital defects for at least one year from the date of birth.
A licensed veterinarian must examine your puppy within 72 hours of delivery. This exam report must be sent to us within five days or guarantee is void.
If your puppy, in the opinion of both veterinarians, (buyers and sellers) has any physical problems considered to be life threatening, we will provide you with a healthy replacement puppy of equal value.
We must be notified at once at the onset of a problem, in writing, with a report from the veterinarian. If the puppy is returned to us, all shipping charges are the responsibility of the purchaser. A returned puppy must be returned to us in good condition. To qualify for this guarantee, you must have kept the puppy under the care of a licensed veterinarian. The care must include all vaccinations recommended by the veterinarian. Buyer must keep vet records on all care or guarantee will be void.
Should the puppy die of a birth defect within one year, we will provide a replacement puppy. To qualify for this guarantee, you must have kept the puppy under the care of a licensed veterinarian. The care must include all vaccinations recommended by the veterinarian.
To make a claim, you must bring a signed certificate from the veterinarian stating the cause of death and a copy of ALL of your puppy’s health records. This must include an autopsy report.
Replacement puppy will be mutually agreed upon by both parties and will be from comparable bloodlines. It is understood that the replacement puppy may not be from the exact parents of the original
puppy. However, it is our desire to please, and we will work with our buyers to ensure satisfaction.
No puppy shall be euthanized without written permission of seller. If the purchaser decides not to return a puppy that has a problem which is covered by our guarantee, this does not mean you forfeit your guarantee. We may reimburse a portion of the purchase price allowing you to keep the puppy. This will be at our discretion. This amount will not exceed one-third of the purchase price.
NOTE: There are certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors, for example: allergies, thyroid and dysfunction that are not covered by this guarantee. All joint problems are covered;
this includes hips, knees or any other joints. Buyer must research the breed and understand that the confirmation of the breed invites certain problems. Short stocky builds promotes these joint problems. All vet charges incurred by the purchaser after the first 90 days are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and will under no circumstances be paid by us.
Any dispute or litigation concerning this health guarantee that cannot be settled by us and new owner must be settled in a legal county.
Our puppies are sold as PET QUALITY puppies but we do guarantee your puppy to be able to sire or whelp puppies.
There is also 99% guarantee on the color or size of this puppy now or as an adult.
Please do not take your puppy into public places, unless absolutely necessary, until the puppy has had all of its vaccinations (as recommended by your veterinarian) to ensure immunity against disease.
We ask that you purchase Health Insurance for your pet.
Make sure you understand what your insurance covers having insurance would insure that you could give your dog the care it needs immediately.
Thank you for purchasing a puppy from us.
It is our desire that you and your new puppy will spend many years of companionship together.
Signed: Robert John

It is ALWAYS a scam
If the pet seller or shipper asks for money to be sent via Western Union, Money Gram, any brand of gift card. Walmart To Walmart , Zelle or mentions Cameroon

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