Scams selling or giving away non-existent animals, often Puppy Scams.
#349130 by Mike Wilson Sat Dec 16, 2017 12:09 pm

Fake puppy site

Site lacks basic contact information such as a physical location or telephone number, legitimate breeders do not try to hide their location.

Please post any emails from this scam after removing your personal information.

The website is in the process of being reported for fraud.

It is ALWAYS a scam
If the pet seller or shipper asks for money to be sent via Western Union, Money Gram, any brand of gift card. Walmart To Walmart , Zelle or mentions Cameroon

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#349131 by Mike Wilson Sat Dec 16, 2017 12:38 pm
Harvey Basset Pet Home [email protected]

Hi <victim>,
i am called Harvey and am writing from Harvey Basset Hound
Home (
IVY is available and he is 10 weeks old .He is vet
checked,deworm,good with kids and other house hold pets.He is also
current on all his shots.He loves cuddling and loves to go for walks
and rides.He has the best temperaments among his sisters and brothers.
Prior to making this transition, we always request that all
interested person should address a few of our worries/concerns and
know what we expect of you when you become a new owner of our baby ,
First of all, We do NOT place our pup in homes where they will
just be breeding and making money without proper care and adequate
medical attention. In addition to the importance of medical attention,
we do NOT let our pup go into homes where they would live permanently
outside! Furthermore, we will NOT place our pup with anyone who has
any history of child or animal abuse!
We advise our potential buying families to take time and
educate themselves on how to properly care for their unique new
Basset Hound child. As long as you can make us understand that you will
share the love in your homes with the pup, we will consider placing our
puppy in your home, regardless of your location.
We are located here in Michigan so we will have to ship IVY.
we consider shipping as an option and we make the shipping
arrangements; this is because most often we find suitable homes for
our puppies but they might not be located within a driving distance. I
can guess what question you have in mind right now, 'Flying a Puppy'!
Is it safe? This question is often asked. We certainly wouldn't
consider it if it wasn't. I personally asked this question to the man
of the shipping company on my first attempt to ship a puppy some
couple of years back, and this was his answer to me "When we book a
flight for a puppy it is only on safe and approved Airlines that have
pet-safe programs that Follows USDA guidelines "The puppy will
have the same air as the pilot flying the plane & someone will be
there to cater for him on board and off the plane until delivery is
completed. When we go to book a flight for our pets, we always call
ahead and find the most direct flight available (much as if you were
looking for a flight for yourself) Our puppies have always arrived
safe and sound in their new homes, he even went further to say that
"it is better and more comfortable to fly a puppy on a 2-5 hours
flight than drive with that puppy for 6 hours or more". And that I
believe so much because I know they are professionals and will deliver
the puppy safely.
Basically shipping a Basset Hound puppy within USA and CANADA
requires the following for a pet-safe program;

- Certified Health and immunization certificates
- Airline approved crate (sof-krate N2 Series)
- Climate controlled pet class flight fee

Usually we charge an additional Fee for shipping per puppy, but right
now we have coupons from our shipping agent to ship puppies at no
extra cost, so if you buy or deposit for your puppy while these
coupons are still available and valid, we will be able to ship your
puppy for free. Otherwise shipping will cost an
additional fee

The shipping process normally takes between 6-18 hours to complete.
We are not full time breeders and only breed for the sake of
experience, My partner is in the military and i work for the civil
service so breeding and selling puppies is not some kind of business
for us as we do not look to make profits yet. We only charge a fee
which is usually smaller than what regular breeders charge for this
breed, our fee is just enough to cover feeding and medication and
other expenses on each puppy until date.
Just get back to me as soon as you can so that we can advice
you on the next step.

Thanks and waiting your email back
below is a copy of the email you sent for your reference
Harvey and family

It is ALWAYS a scam
If the pet seller or shipper asks for money to be sent via Western Union, Money Gram, any brand of gift card. Walmart To Walmart , Zelle or mentions Cameroon

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#349377 by Mike Wilson Mon Dec 18, 2017 10:08 am
Thanks again it was with great reading from you once more.
Buying this puppy from us does not end our communication or
relationship we will be here to always assist you in any domain or
worries after having "IVY" we are so glad your a lovely pet home.
The total cost will be $560

Your puppy 'IVY" has been put on Hold,pending payment. You will
have to effect the payment for us to validate your order and proceed
with the necessary paper work for your puppy IVY
we will within 1 business day of receiving payment, confirm your
order,process all required paperwork, have our license veterinarian
perform last minute routine checkup on your puppy IVY
we book flights for Mondays,Tuesdays ,Wednesdays ,Fridays and
Saturdays (Let us know which day is more convenient for you ).

Once the flight is booked, we will provide you the flight number,
date and time of departure and arrival as well as all info you
will require to pick up the puppy at the airport or wait the puppy
at home. At the moment we are a small home business and do not
take credit cards ,we have been taking payments via money transfer
which is fast and reliable and also easy for our customers

You can do the payment to my Accountant using the following
information through Money Gram or Walmart

Receiver's names : ADELBERT EUSTACE
state: : MICHIGAN
Zip code : 48121

We require you go to a Money Gram Store or Walmart near you,
Request to make a Money Transfer and you will be provided a form to
fill. Use the above provided information for receiver’s information,
then hand over the form along with the cash to attendant. When the
transaction has been processed, you will be provided a receipt
containing the Reference (Tracking) Number. You may click on find
location on www.moneygram close to you.
***When making the payment make sure you specify the payment option to
be “pickup up at agent location“ (or money in minutes)
***Due to security concerns related to illegal credit card use,
online payment can sometime be declined. We will advice you kindly
proceed to make payment in person/cash at a Money Gram or Walmart
Once you are done please email us a scanned photo of the money gram
receipt of payment you got okay .

NB/ You can find Moneygram in any Walmart store
stores around you .so you need to hold the money in cash
and tell them you want to do Moneygram wire transfer.

NB/ When emailing us with the information email us with your delivery
information along side which will be

Your full names ........?
Full house address...........?
contact numbers.................?
closest airport in your location...?

Thanks and have a great day
Harvey and Family

It is ALWAYS a scam
If the pet seller or shipper asks for money to be sent via Western Union, Money Gram, any brand of gift card. Walmart To Walmart , Zelle or mentions Cameroon

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