Scams selling or giving away non-existent animals, often Puppy Scams.
#361068 by Mike Wilson Tue Apr 03, 2018 10:47 am
From: Teacup Maltes home <[email protected]>

Hello thanks for your inquiry on our loving puppies and welcome to

Teacup Maltese puppies
We hugely appreciate your interest in providing a home for our

Maltese puppies, we`ve a unique litter of eight(8) loving puppies and
we've sold out two(2) recently and we now have seven(6) puppies
available which you just saw on our website and they`re ready to join
their respective new homes. FOXY(female), LUNA (female), KING(male),
NESS (male), RANDY (male), and ROSY (female) are all available. We
mentioned the other sold siblings because it is very important you
have a clue of all the other puppies available because you are free to
make a change of choice.

We are located in Baltimore MD.
Our Puppies are all raised in our home and have been around kids and
other home pets, their calm personality permits them associate with
kids and other home pets. They are all vet registered and up to date
on all shots and vaccines (Distemper, Para Influenza, bordetella,
parvo and Hepatitis, Rabies shot), with valid vet and vet
registration papers available and will come alongside.

Their individual temperament:

FOXY AND KING are not only from a home where they are very use to
kids and other home pets but they are also extremely healthy with a
great personalities. They are lively and eager to learn. They have
great conformation with their low set spike tail, beautiful shaped
head, flashy coat and a wonderful toy body! It is no doubt that their
excellent quality is a result of their outstanding personality which
stands out of all the others. They tend to be a little aloof or
disinterested with other dogs but crave the attention and approval of
their owner and family, part of their charm is that they look tough
but aren't at all. They respond best to firm commands and very quick
to learn.

ARE HOME RAISED WITH CHILDREN. More than with any other puppy dogs,
their character and personalities are often misunderstood. Even their
intelligence are sometimes questioned. Their natural protectiveness
are probably most manifested in their behavior towards small children
or animals. Their natural Propensity to defend the smaller ones makes
them sometimes intervene even when any of our kids get told off by

myself or my partner. Of course, like in all litters, individual pups

differ greatly, they`re not a lazy couch potatoes of breed. Their
faithfulness, stubbornness, protectiveness and devotions to their
loved ones is what you will love them for. They`re trained in
obedience and also crate trained.

RANDY(MALE) AND (FEMALE)ROSIE on the other hand are very active,
sweet, laid back and cuddly, as a result of the fact that they have
been hand raised with children. On most occasions they would rather
sit in the lap of their owner than join in the play of other dogs
though they have got all the energy. They are awesome little babies
from head all the way to her puppy paws, with short and compact
Maltese composition and big
puppy eyes that will melt your heart. They get along well with other
household pets especially when given a slow and proper introduction.
They will make a wonderful companion for family with well-behaved
children and the elderly. You cannot help but want to take these
babies home!

determination, strength and activity. Alert, bold, loyal, dependable,
courageous, fierce in appearance, but possessed of affectionate
nature. Courageous (not vicious nor aggressive), and demeanor should
be pacific and dignified. These attributes should be countenanced by
the expression and behavior. They will make excellent guard dogs and
will sound a bark when they sense danger. They are intelligent,
extremely loyal to their family, and loving. They are eager to please,
gentle, and affectionate. They also exhibit an inquisitive expression
and curiosity. Does your puppy bark, howl, and cry whenever you leave
the house? Separation anxiety is extreme anxiety experienced by your
dog when you are away from him. Our puppies so well know how to handle
and control that.

Trusting this information gives you a clue of their personality
and hopefully this can help you in making the choice that best suits
your home. We have been breeding Maltese puppies for 10 years now and
really have huge and sound experience in the field as we have even
taken some lessons and read books and gone through some training, My
wife Coleen and i have year round jobs, breeding Maltese puppies is
for the sake of experience and hobby only as we don't sell our puppies
to make profit for the family, rather we only seek homes that are
willing to share a loving and caring home with a Maltese baby. It also
grant us the privilege to raise funds for Charity. We charge a

re-homing fee of $600 on each puppy and it`s slightly negotiable. The

$600 is not a price tag of the pups, it's a re-homing fee, that's the

“approximate amount we've spent in raising them until now and it`s

slightly negotiable. We accept local pick ups and visits if you are
less than 1 hour away.

Questionnaire About our Adopters.
In helping us to choose the best home for any of our puppies
which you will be choosing could you tell us a little more about your
self, are you getting a Maltese puppy for the first time? Do you have
other pets? How much experience do you have with dogs? where exactly
are you located? Are you single or a couple? do you have children? we
are very concern about the kind of family whom our puppies will be
spending the rest of their lives with that is why we pose such
questions, Hope no offense and hoping you understand where we are
coming from.

Our Maltese puppies are socialized with family from an early
age, and in turn, make great family members. If you want a loyal,
affectionate, comical, and a fun loving breed, Our Maltese pups would
make a great fit. Well I hope we just gave you at least and idea of
each puppy and hopefully this can help you in making the choice that
suits you best. Stay blessed and waiting for your response.
So please tell us which of our puppies you want to take home? where you LOCATED?
Please note we`re only interested in adopters who are able, willing
and ready to adopt and not those who`re only down to ask questions and
yet end up not adopting. Our time is most valuable and we`re not ready
to waste it. We shall advice you on the next step to take towards

getting the puppy home as soon as we hear back from you.

It is ALWAYS a scam
If the pet seller or shipper asks for money to be sent via Western Union, Money Gram, any brand of gift card. Walmart To Walmart , Zelle , PayPal friends and family option, or mentions Cameroon

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