Scams selling or giving away non-existent animals, often Puppy Scams.
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James Dominic <[email protected]>
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This scammer is running multiple pet scams.

Subject: Re:Australian Shepard puppies


Thanks for Contacting in regards of my puppies and sorry for the late reply i was very busy with work. They are still available,I have 2 male and 2 female called (Male) Murphy & Jake and (Female)Tracy & Tess.they are well raised,potty trained,vet checked,health guaranteed,playful with kids and other home pets,they are very good companion and needs a lot of attention and love affection.they are 11 weeks old and they are pure breed puppies and I'm really in need of a very good home for them.

Before giving out my puppies to any home i will need to know the
following from you.

Where are you located?
When are you ready for this puppies?

My warmth regards.
Jame Dominic

Thanks for responding.i have a male and a female M (Murphy and Jake) and F (Tracy and Tess) They are 11 weeks old am located in (Henderson Drive, Regina, Saskatchewan) I promise to make sure i send the right puppy and also to make sure the baby arrives your residence in good condition and on time. All I need is your patience to receive the puppy and trust. I also do need to make sure you will keep your words in taking good care of the baby. I don't have a scanner at home but i will place all the documents of the puppy in a blue envelope. We can have the shipping done Today or tomorrow morning. It will cost $500 including shipping per puppy and $800 for both babies including delivery.

For now i don't know what company to use, but as soon as i have your details, i will check out a shipping company that can deliver the puppy to your residence using your information you will provide to me below. The i will have to verify that the company has a branch office close to you. So you can verify the transaction or if they don't. I will need to make sure that the puppy will arrive after you have confirm the payment. I will be here and i will not go out or to work, until the puppy has arrive safely and on time okay. I will also be here to give you updates and direct you on everything you have to do okay..

Provide the following details in your next respond so we can proceed with the delivery asap

Full Names
House Address
Postal Code
Phone Numbers

This is how the whole process will work out
- Send to me the above details in your next email, together with any further questions about the puppy and confirm once more the baby you will be taking
- Once i have the details i will take the baby immediately to change the babies papers from my names to your names, or a confirmation letter for you to use and change the documents yourself
- I will proceed tomorrow morning to the delivery company and have the baby registered for delivery.
- The delivery company's vet will conduct tests on the baby to make sure the health and temperament of the baby is okay. if it is too bad they will not proceed with the delivery, if its something you can handle they will notify you too.
- Once they are through with check up and registration they will send you a confirmation email and also direct me on payment of which i will also send you an email with the directives.

- On the confirmation email from the delivery service you will have to confirm once more your address and details
- Directives on how to make payment will be on the confirmation and the email on payment terms which i will send to you
- You will be making the payment cash using the companies branch office closest to you so that they can instantly provide you with a confirmation receipt of which contains your baby's delivery time, tag, and other important details, the branch office will then confirm with their office here and let them know about the delivery. This way you can make sure your money is safe and if no branch office. They will provide you with more faster and safer methods of payment. You just need to have money cash in hand.

- Once you make the payment you have to email the company or send me or the a confirmation email, with payment receipt or payment confirmation details.
- Once the company receives the confirmation details, they will send you a payment confirmation email with delivery time and other information in 30 mins, it will take max 6-8 hours for the baby to get there after you have made payment depending on your location from your closest airport. It is the more reason why i need you to provide me with the above valid information before i know which company i will be using okay
- You will have to be at home with an identification document, carrying the names provided above, before you can receive the baby.

Shipping the puppy is very easy and fast. Shipping the puppy through an authentic delivery company also helps verify the current status of your pet by their vet before purchase. Please if you have any complication with your time schedule or names then please notify me in your next email. any person can receive the baby when they arrive but the person must provide the documents and receipts of payment. Please take good care of the baby and make sure you send me confirmation email and pics once you receive the baby okay

Best Regards

It is ALWAYS a scam
If the pet seller or shipper asks for money to be sent via Western Union, Money Gram, any brand of gift card. Walmart To Walmart , Zelle , PayPal friends and family option, or mentions Cameroon

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